November 5, 2019

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is now available in LMS365

Adopting new technologies can be difficult and time consuming for your employees and end user adoption is one of the biggest challenges to Microsoft 365’s potential. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways (M365LP)  for all customers.

“With the release of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways we can deliver LMS365 to our customer with a fully published catalog of Office 365 courses on Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online and others. Now, organizations have a single location to distribute, create and track training to ensure better adoption. It is the ultimate learning solution for supporting the deployment and rollout of the Modern Workplace to the organization.”

Robert Nederby, SVP Professional Services & Sales Europe at ELEARNINGFORCE International.

With Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways you will have access to Microsoft training content free of charge, which can be implemented to your Office 365 environment with a simple click. Leverage this by delivering and tracking the training within LMS365. This gives you unlimited possibilities to:

  • Arrange the M365LP materials into LMS365 courses and targeted training plans
  • Customize and add your own training materials
  • Enroll your learners with the right training so it appears on their personal dashboard
  • Follow their training progress and create reports using the Power BI dashboards
  • Acknowledge learners’ effort with certificates once the training is completed
  • Easily access training using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or the LMS365 mobile app


Existing LMS365 customers have tested Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and are now planning to extend the solution.


“Our M365LP pilot customers now plan to use Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways for 90% of all Office 365 courses. They will freshen them up with quizzes and add some internal videos. It really makes a lot of sense to deliver the training for Microsoft Teams – in Microsoft Teams!”

Robert Nederby, SVP Professional Services & Sales Europe at ELEARNINGFORCE International.


If you are looking to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment, the key objective is to get your team on board. That is why Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and LMS365 is the perfect fit to help your organization achieve a successful adoption. For more information on Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and LMS365,  please visit our page on M365LP and LMS365. If you are an existing LMS365 customer and are interested in Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, please contact  [email protected].

Microsoft and LMS365

Our relationship with Microsoft has always been strong. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and an ISV Co-Selling Recommended LMS Solutions Provider for Office (Global). In 2019, Microsoft named LMS365 Teams Co-Sell Ready and a  Microsoft Preferred Solution  in Azure Marketplace and AppSource.