Tutorials designed to inspire, motivate, & boost productivity

Real life cases and storytelling

To get the desired productivity gains of the investments made in Microsoft 365, LMS365 can be populated with informal, time-optimized courses on how to work smarter using the various apps in Microsoft 365 

ELEARNINGFORCE’s partnership with Storyals, enables customers to get continuously updated and relevant learning content on the various applications in Microsoft 365 in the LMS365 course catalog. The courses are packaged into several different topics, designed to optimize the enduser learning experience leveraging real-life cases and storytelling.

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Increase ROI

Get immediate benefits by learning how to get the most of Office 365 and increase return of investments in licenses by knowing how to use Office 365 properly.

Inspire and motivate

Learn from field-leading experts at the learner’s convenience. Story-based tutorials showcase how the various apps in Microsoft 365 can be used effectively during daily working routines.

Modernize Training

To-the-point instructions help you retain more from each lesson and make it easy to refresh your knowledge anytime.

Boost Productivity

Get summarized, educational tutorials to understand how to use the full potential of the product suite to work smarter and more efficiently.
“I am so happy about the long-term relationship between Storyals and LMS365. Together we help organizations all over the world, accelerate digital workplace adoption and take employee training and usage of Microsoft 365 to the next level“
Ulrika Hedlund
Founder & Managing director of Storyals
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