Prove the effectiveness of learning in your organization

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Get the data you need to track and report training progress

Being able to track and report learning progress is key in most organizations. As L&D teams are responsible for accurately reporting the effectiveness of their training programs having employee data in a clear, understandable format is imperative to this reporting and their training efficacy as a whole.

Easy to analyze, learn and report from the available data

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics service. With LMS365 you get both the option of ready-made templates and full customization of your data. Transform your data into vibrant, comprehensible visuals that can easily be analyzed and shared throughout business and departments. Allow for easy processing of relevant employee training data. Keep all your data in one place, with no need to switch between multiple software to get the data you need.

Create customized reports and dashboards

Create interactive, visual dashboards and reports customized to your needs. LMS365 integrates with Power BI making it easy to take charge of your specific data and how it is displayed and shared.

Present training data effectively in no time

LMS365 has ready-made Power BI dashboards ensuring you can provide report as the training process moves along. Understand learners data, report to management and much more with just a few clicks.

Improve content based on learner data

Learn from the users themselves. Analyze your content and stay informed about areas where employees might need help. Take actions based on real data and improve the learner experience.
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Microsoft Power BI: The gift that keeps on giving

Having an integrated analytics system within an LMS gives L&D the necessary tools to be absolute authority on their training data and training content. By incorporating trusted, enhanced data analytics into your learning platform, organizations can digitally transform their training, while learning from their users on how to improve their training programs and content. Combine analytics with your LMS and let your data be the guide to empowered insights, enhanced trainings and overall L&D success.
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