Mobile app

Bring training with you anywhere
with the LMS365 Mobile App

Online training on all mobile devices

Accommodate the needs of the learner in the Modern Digital Workplace with the LMS365 app

Accessing learning activities has never been more convenient with the intuitive LMS365 mobile app.

Learners can stay up-to-date on the latest courses, access their transcripts, or check out their leaderboard position – whenever, wherever!

Mobile app

We are continuously expanding the mobile app with new features

Mobile Learning Environment

  • Remind learners to complete their training with push notifications
  • Inside the app learners can mark notifications as read/unread, delete them and search for the ones they need
  • Enroll and unenroll courses directly in the app
  • Revisit training you’ve already completed with one click
  • Switch easily between course catalogs
  • Have your certificates and transcripts by the hand
  • Keep an eye on CEUs and the leaderboard
  • Quickly find what you’re looking for with real-time search or filter your search by category, course type, and date

How could this feature help you?


You are away on a business trip to attend a big conference. As you have a bit of time in between sessions, you decide to catch up on some training on your phone with the LMS365 app.

As you check into your hotel, you notice that the WiFi is very slow – to avoid any problems, you download the course before leaving the conference, then simply take it offline back at the hotel.

The progress synchronizes automatically when you go back to the conference, the day after.

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