Skill Manager

Build, train, and track employee credentials all with the LMS365 Skill Manager

Skill Manager

Simplify, automate, and secure learning and development metrics through assigned competencies

Save administrative time while ensuring all important competencies are met. With the Skill Manager feature in LMS365, administrators can seamlessly create, deliver, and track employee skill development with automated competency assignment. Managers can choose which competencies are given, the skill level in which they are awarded, and which competencies are necessary for progressing through the training plan.

Skill Manager

Expansive skill development supervision available through the Skill Manager

  • Set specific scale sets for each competency created
  • Customize competency assignment and track learner competencies with ease
  • Add certain competencies to course catalogs to ensure learner skill development
  • Manage training plans through competency analysis and assessment
  • Integrate with Power BI to report on compliance and other competencies

How could this feature help you?

You have a global workforce that consists of in-office workers, firstline workers, and external collaborators. The industry you work within requires that all staff be trained and well-versed in several critical security and compliance procedures.

With an integrated and customizable Skill Manager, you can create specific scale sets to represent the level of proficiency an employee has with the training material. You can also measure training progress, attach specific competencies to certain training courses, and keep track of the skill development of your team through the competency overview.

Training is delivered directly to your team, wherever and whenever they need it, and administrators have full oversight of the competencies acquired and held by the global workforce.

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