Interactive, online training in legal topics

Innovative legal training developed with legal experts

Training employees on legal topics is hard. The content is abstract and difficult to understand, employee motivation is often low, and constantly new legal requirements frequently lead to massive overload. For these challenges, lawpilots has the solution: innovative online training courses.

The perfect mix of storytelling, practical examples, explanatory videos, gamification and expert interviews makes even dry topics exciting. The combination of flexibility and emotions enables a fun, motivating and sustainable learning experience. LMS365 and lawpilots have partnered to offer a content bundle with topics including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), data protection for employees, and IT security for employees.

Data Protection
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Developed with recognized legal experts

Interactive trainings in the legally regulated areas of CCPA, data protection and IT security.

Varied content for different learning styles

Courses use a perfect mix of storytelling, practical examples, explanatory videos, gamification and expert interviews to appeal to all learning types.

Easy course access with LMS365

Access courses on legal topics through your existing LMS365 platform for a seamless learning experience.

Customized training for your workforce

Trainings are mobile-friendly, interactive and customizable.
online training
“Data protection mishaps, cyberattacks, compliance violations, and workplace accidents often originate from untrained employees. We at lawpilots have made it our mission to help companies get to the root of the problem and train employees effectively and sustainably.

In doing so, we say goodbye to dull training courses and focus on innovative e-learning. Interactive elements such as expert interviews, explanatory videos, dialog games, and other tools teach employees everything they need to know to protect themselves and the organization in less than 60 minutes:”
Philipp von Bülow
CEO at lawpilots
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