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Let training become a driver towards a secure organization

Cyber security is top of mind in most organizations. And for good reason. With increased cloud sharing capabilities, and plentiful ‘work-from-anywhere’ technologies the potential for the modern digital workplace is endless. However, this flexibility also opens up to vulnerabilities and breaches.

Employees are the most important part of company security strategy: train them well

Companies are spending more and more on upholding IT security of their business, usually represented as the implementation of tools such as advanced firewalls and multi-factor authentication. However, tools alone are not enough to ensure optimal IT security. Implementing simple but effective security training that stress the importance of employee actions will create awareness and ensure that your organization can enjoy the flexibility of the modern digital workplace while staying safe.

With LMS365 your company can easily train your employees on the risks, tools, and procedures that surround cybersecurity, allowing them to be on the front line for prevention of cyberattacks and data breaches.

Provide employees with relevant security training

People are often considered the “weak link” when dealing with security. Create customized and relevant security training programs with up-to-date information to represent ever-changing data policies.

Ensure secure access to your training platform

As LMS365 works with single sign-on employees do not need to create a new and maybe less secure password to access their training platform. Simply login with your secure Microsoft 365 account.

Audit the effectiveness of compliance measure

Conduct regular security assessments to find loopholes within company security. Follow up on employees regularly completing security training, ensuring that their attention and knowledge is kept up-to-date.
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Keep employee records secure within your learning platform

As LMS365 is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, the learning platform utilizes advanced features offered through Microsoft Azure AD such as data encryption, single sign-on and two-factor authentication to keep programs secure and protect users from cyber security attacks.

Microsoft Azure AD controls all company identities in one platform making it easier and more secure for users to access applications as LMS365.
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