Manufacturing and Construction

Train employees on necessary safety and compliance measures

Manufacturing and Construction

LMS365 ensures your organization operates as a well-oiled machine, providing safety and compliance training in the flow of work to optimize performance, enhance security training, and provide proactive risk management, wherever and whenever your workforce requires it.


What is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only learning platform built directly into Microsoft 365 and Teams. The platform makes it easier to manage and track online learning, ensuring that your employees receive the right training when they need it.

As all information can be uploaded to a single database, LMS365 is much more time and cost-effective than running training in-person and more accessible for firstline and remote workers.

With LMS365, manufacturing companies can build a custom training solution that streamlines product knowledge learning, employee skill development, equipment safety training and more!

Deliver Security and Compliance Training in Your Familiar Microsoft Environment

  • Deliver safety trainings (OSHA 10/30, First Aid, Silica, fall protection, and PPE), compliance trainings, and soft skills trainings to all employees and firstline workers in the Microsoft digital environment
  • Reduce overall admin time spent with automated certification documents and renewal alerts sent via Teams
  • Track employee training and use integrated Power BI reporting to keep learning data at your fingertips and ready for audits
  • Build custom training content or import SCORM and AICC packages to personalize your learning environment

LMS365 meets the needs of global construction and manufacturing companies.

See how LMS365 can enhance the safety of your operations through training.