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Ensure simple and safe access

Since LMS365 provides seamless integration with entire Microsoft stack including Azure Active Directory, not only will users not need to log into another system or remember different credentials, LMS365 knows exactly who your users are by leveraging profile information such job title, department and manager to determine training needs for each user. In addition, users do not need to log into another system or remember different credentials due to single sign on.

Microsoft Viva: The Employee Experience platform

The Microsoft Viva employee experience platform is made up of six distinct modules, with each of them bringing their own unique benefits:

  • Viva Topics: A modern, organizational Wikipedia for skill sharing and content collaboration
  • Viva Connections: An employee network or hub where all company information is centralized
  • Viva Insights: A workplace analytics system, both for individual employees and managers
  • Viva Learning: A central hub for discovering training from multiple LMS’ inside the flow of work
  • Viva Engage: A place for employees to connect and build relationships
  • Viva Goals: A goal-setting management solution to ensure alignment across the organization
Microsoft Viva Learning

LMS365 meets the needs of global construction and manufacturing companies.

Deliver Safety Training

LMS365 enables organizations to offer engaging and accessible safety training in the flow of work, which ensures that employees stay well-trained, safe and up-to-date on industry requirements.
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Train Firstline Workers

With the LMS365 mobile app, all important security training and compliance certifications are just a click away, and employees always have access to the information they require.
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Ensure Compliance

Automatically register employees for necessary compliance trainings, easily present any certification card for inspector requests, and display all course data through integrated Power BI reports.
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  • G&J Pepsi

    “In the past we had to hound employees to complete their annual compliance training, but after only four months in the LMS365 system, 70% of learners have completed it. This is a huge leap compared to past years.”
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  • Poclain

    “LMS365 has been the ideal solution for blending learning. Our training paths incorporate self-learning, webinars, classroom-based courses and external training. We manage everything from the platform, saving us huge amounts of time while providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for our learners.”
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  • Ecolean

    “LMS365 is allowing us to develop our employees in a much more structured way. They know which courses are available and our experts have a highly effective platform to quickly share knowledge right across Ecolean.”
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  • Maersk Container Industry

    “LMS365 has helped us to deliver training to a wider audience than ever before. It is essential for us and for our customers that we improve the technicians’ level of technical knowledge. Having a highly qualified service provider network reduces costs and ensures smooth everyday operations across the world.”
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