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What you need to know about a learning platform

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Who needs a learning platform?

Why all organizations can benefit from a learning platform

A learning platform is your key to highly engaged, effectively trained employees and a collaborative working space for the modern company. In every industry, institution, organization or government entity, continuous learning is important and should be a crucial part of the daily activities. As your workforce is the backbone of your organization, well-trained employees have an impact on the productivity and success of your company.

How to create the best learning experience
fit for every learning needs

Employee Onboarding

Start off on the right foot

With a learning platform, the onboarding process can be automated and easy to administer for new employees. You can easily categorize the information each employee gets access to depending on their role, day in the job, or trainings they have completed. The probability of employees finding the support and information they need in their first few weeks is much higher when providing the information through a learning platform. See other reasons why effective onboarding is a business necessity.

A new employee can freshen up on the business’ best practices over their morning coffee, and even take quizzes on the important regulations during their commute home.
compliance training

Stay compliant and safe

Risks associated with compliance and data security are extremely high and increasingly costly. By having a learning platform that can deliver up-to-date compliance and regulation resources to employees, the company is able to combat these high risks and help keep their staff working in compliant manners. Poor employee compliance training can affect the integrity of your company’s data security by having uninformed employees mishandle important data.

If you have new security regulations for data handling, you can easily update and deliver the new security parameters to all pertinent staff in just a few clicks.
Employee Development

Keep your team engaged

Do your employees know of the learning and developmental resources available to them? The biggest assets for your organization are your employees and providing development opportunities is the “top factor” for retaining them. Making learning more engaging and accessible is easy with a learning platform as you can integrate micro-learning modules into your employees’ training program. See why skill development is necessary in the future.

L&D teams can develop management courses to better prepare new company leaders, share tips and tricks to using new software and offer certificates for courses completed.
Software Adoption

Familiarize yourself with the tools

The movement towards digital transformation has caused organizations to introduce multiple tools and ensuring adoption can be increasingly difficult. Above hesitance of change, confusion of the tools and lack of motivation, the biggest contributor to low user adoption is not enough training – build tech intensity with continuous learning. Let training create awareness, active behavioral change in your organization and empower your employees to do more with the tools available.

Create customized trainings to go through all the features of the new tool and provide continuous support to better ensure a successful adoption of the software.
Social Learning

A collaborative experience

As the workplace is more online than ever before, many organizations are challenged to keep the social element from face-to-face training. When pairing Microsoft Teams with a learning platform, it is easier to replicate a thriving work environment in the digital space. It enables employees to easily access training, share information with their colleagues, boosting effective teamwork and also fostering a culture of collaborative learning and empowerment.

Learners can easily interact, help and learn from each other without leaving the platform. At the same time, it allows for the management to provide any feedback.

Prove the effectiveness

Being able to track and report learning progress is key in most organizations. Moreover, as L&D teams are responsible for accurately reporting the effectiveness of their training programs having employee data in a clear format is imperative to this reporting and their training efficacy as a whole. As a learning platform provides statistics on attendance, completion rates and more you can prove the effectiveness of learning with just a few clicks.

Managers can follow the exact success of a course, and easily reach out to employees who need to complete a specific course.

Learning on the go

Being able to take learning on the go is no longer just nice to have but a necessity for most organizations. With a learning platform, employees can access their company training from anywhere, further lending to the technology’s popularity amongst organizations seeking to build modern digital workplaces. Employees can access training on the device of their choosing and learn at their own pace.

Learners only need to sign-in in one place using their Microsoft 365 login and users in remote locations can access training offline through the LMS365 mobile app.
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What sets LMS365 apart?

The learning platform built into Microsoft 365

LMS365 is a cloud-based platform built into Microsoft 365 to enable organizations to manage learning and training. With its seamless integration with the host of Microsoft’s modern workplace tools, LMS365 becomes more than just a platform for employee learning and training management. Increase adoption and get the full benefit of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Incorporating collaborative tools from Microsoft Teams, along with reporting tools through Power BI, and data security recording with Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based platform, LMS365 is an all-in-one learning platform for the future of digital workplaces.

LMS365 delivers fast and simple deployment, letting organizations get up and running within hours. The platform includes rich content management features, allowing users to create courses and manage content that leverages the Microsoft 365 and SharePoint platform.
Course and content management

What is a learning platform?

A learning platform is a software platform that is used to provide and track the training of an organization’s employees. It allows employees to receive the training they need through the distribution of learning materials provided by the organization in one streamlined platform. Most commonly, these resources will be uploaded to the learning platform database and be available for the employees to access through multiple devices and at any time they need. Through most learning platforms, organizations also have the ability to author their own unique training materials and courses without needing any additional third-party software.
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