The Only LMS Healthcare Training Platform Built in Microsoft 365.

Course and content management

What is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only employee training software built into the powerful Microsoft 365 suite of tools—including the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare—allowing compliance and regulation trainings to be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enables healthcare professionals with advanced capabilities to effectively manage health data for companies of all sizes, ensuring that they can more easily improve patient experience, boost operation productivity, and support end-to-end security and compliance.

Deliver Compliance Training in Microsoft Teams & Store Data in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Stay informed and maintain compliance with HIPAA NIST, HITRUST, and other regulations by creating engaging learning content using Microsoft applications and the LMS365 Course Creator
  • Improve training efficiency with 24/7 access to developmental and regulatory training with the LMS365 mobile application
  • Track employee training and course completion with integrated Power BI templates and reports
  • Enhance SOP and document lifecycle management by keeping training data secure in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and delivering content directly through Microsoft Teams
Course and content management

LMS365 empowers a continuous learning culture for healthcare institutions

Streamline Training Management

The LMS365 platform makes it easier to manage and track online learning, ensuring that your employees achieve the accurate, up-to-date training they need to best execute their roles.
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Automate Compliance Training

Automatically register employees for necessary compliance trainings, easily send professionals course certifications, and display all training data through integrated Power BI reports in LMS365.
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Provide On-the-Go Training

As the only LMS built into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, LMS365 allows users to seamlessly work across platforms while only requiring one, single login to access training in Teams or through the LMS365 mobile app.
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  • AseraCare

    “Having LMS365 as a life-long learning platform will allow AseraCare to recruit the best clinical talent, ensure continuous learning for that talent and provide an exceptional experience for each person and family we serve.”
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  • Washington Health Benefit Exchange

    “We got all the information we needed, and we don’t have to use the enrollment report anymore. It was wonderful that we could do it through the learning management system because it allowed us to gather the information in such a way that we could get statistics we needed.”
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  • Sigvaris

    “The best part of LMS365 is that our employees can access the offering from anywhere. We can train all our employees and market partners at any location worldwide with relative ease.”
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  • Accra

    “LMS365 has proved to be essential. It has truly transformed the way we manage our compliance training, allowing us to meet the needs of our learners while also navigating all the challenges around remaining compliant in our industry across different services. I don’t know what we’d do without it!”
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