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What is LMS365?

With LMS365, a cloud-based learning platform built into Microsoft 365, state and local agencies can manage and deliver any type of training from within the secure cloud.

The learning platform utilizes Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Office Groups making it easier to enroll existing AAD groups to specific training courses and stay aligned with rigorous compliance and security measures.

LMS365 delivers fast and simple deployment and easily integrates with the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, engaging workforces and digitally transforming agencies while abiding by strict budgets and policies.

Provide Quality Training in the Secure Microsoft 365 Government Cloud Environment

  • Adopt new technology and improve communication with streamlined system deployment
  • Reduce overall learning administration and shrink costs for operating secure learning in the cloud
  • Optimize business processes by consolidating systems and centralizing training within Microsoft 365
  • Regulate data compliance requirements and gain valuable insights with Power BI’s advanced tracking capabilities
  • Automate and deliver critical training such as state mandate, regulatory compliance, competency development, skill development, and knowledge transfer
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Manage security, compliance, and protection in one flexible environment with LMS365 and Microsoft 365 Gov Cloud

Secure Organizational Data

With LMS365, agencies can securely store important data in the protected Azure Cloud while also creating and delivering security awareness training to all employees with a flexible and dynamic learning platform.
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Automate Compliance Training

Show proof of compliance easily with automated registration of compliance training, and seamless delivery of skill certifications.
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Increase Tool Adoption

LMS365 drives successful adoption of your Microsoft 365 toolset through customizable content and helps agencies keep track of adoption using integrated Power BI displays and reports.
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What is Azure Government Cloud?

Microsoft 365 Azure Government Cloud is a separate instance of Microsoft Azure that addresses the security and compliance needs of United States federal agencies, state and local governments and their solution providers.

It allows government agencies to create personalized and hybridized data environments with a host of innovative tools, including the Azure Government Security plan which covers three principles to best secure your data:

  • Protecting data using encryption
  • Managing secrets
  • Isolation to restrict data access

Because these security, compliance, and computing tools are all combined within Azure Government, government agencies significantly cut the costs of their information database management, while enabling employees to be productive anywhere and anytime.

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  • City of Ballarat

    “The City of Ballarat commenced implementing Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solution in 2016. LMS365 was seen to best support our enterprise-wide learning and development initiatives as it tightly integrated with the Azure Directory Services/Office 365 architecture. LMS365 offers great potential for us to support our 70-20-10 blended learning strategy.”
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  • Nye Veier

    “SharePoint with LMS365 as an add-in is a seamless and convenient solution from an end-user point of view. It keeps the same look and feel.”
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