Microsoft Teams

Create a collaborative learning
experience on your familiar platform

Microsoft Teams

Train, empower and engage your employees in your new home for learning

With more than 250 million active users Microsoft Teams is the newest collaboration tool that allows users to seamlessly integrate their most valuable tools.

LMS365, the learning platform for Microsoft Teams, enables learners to find, take and keep track of training without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform. Provide flexible access to training alongside your favorite tools. Communicate and share relevant questions and information with your colleagues during the entire learning process.

Implement quality employee training with LMS365 into the secure and interconnected Microsoft Teams platform, in order to drive the digital transformation of learning in your organization.

Create an engaging learning experience in Microsoft Teams!


Access learning within your
daily environment

Corporate learning should no longer be seen as an end point but a continous process. Make learning an integrated part of an employee’s everyday workflow and accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.


Interact, help and learn from
each other

Users can share individual courses within a specific conversation thread or add training as tabs within a channel, where all members can collaborate and help each other throughout the learning process.


Online and classroom training
in one place

By combining the direct interaction in the team such as meetings, chat and videos with the corporate training, LMS365 provides a complete and flexible learning experience inside Microsoft Teams.

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Building a learning culture

Building a collaborative learning culture promotes open knowledge sharing amongst employees. It’s important with continuous learning to get there however, building this type of culture can be extremely difficult without the right tools.

Microsoft Teams brings the physical workspace into the online space keeping your employees engaged, connected and empowered.

Coupled with LMS365, learners are able to learn, interact and help each other throughout the learning process allowing them to grow and connect in one platform.

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Microsoft Teams

Get a familiar start with the interface and functionality of Office 365

With LMS365 you enter a well-known environment. Type in your usual password and the platform already knows your profile, job and training needs


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