Training Plans

Bundle courses with
the Training Plan feature

Training Plans

Training plans are perfect to navigate learners through the right learning path

Create an optimal learning process by bundling several courses together. Guide learners through a series of connected trainings in a training path and add prerequisites, to ensure that courses will only be unlocked if the previous course has been passed.

Training Plans

Plan multiple courses with Training Plans

  • Training Plans with Prerequisites
  • Certification for Training Plans

How could this feature help you?

You work at a medium sized car manufacturer and have just gotten a huge delivery order: 50 new cars have to be made as fast as possible. This requires a lot of manual labor, so you decide to hire a large amount of new staff. Many of the machines used in the manufacturing process can be used by almost anybody, with a bit of training.
The problem is that many of the machines are connected, using one machine requires knowledge about another.

This is where you realize the benefit of prerequisites inside training plans. You add all the courses to the same training plan and put them in the correct order, then add prerequisites where it’s necessary – now people can’t skip ahead in the training before completing the previous courses, ensuring the learning is completed in the order that was intended.

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