Course & Content Management

Create, import and manage
all your courses in LMS365

Course & Content Management

Use all tools available in Microsoft 365 to create you courses

With LMS365 courses are created directly inside the platform. As LMS365 is built into Microsoft 365, you are able to use the full power of the Microsoft 365 suite and SharePoint platform.

When your content is ready, you will be able to manage it in the course catalog where learners can browse, filter and search through the courses.

Course & Content Management

LMS365 offers a wide range of course management tools.

Courses are made up of learning modules, which are all created with the Learning Module Builder. This is where the actual content is added – you will be able to add almost any kind of content to your courses; documents, images, videos, quizzes, Sways and much more. When the courses have been created, learners will be able to take the training in the LMS365 course player. This has been optimized to give the best possible user experience and will guide the learners through the training with the easy-to-use design.

  • Course Creator
  • Advanced Course Catalog
  • Learning Module Builder
  • Quiz Builder
  • SCORM & AICC Player

How could this feature help you?

You are the L&D manager and have just been tasked to make sure that everyone in your organization completes and understands the “Employee Conduct Handbook”.

You access your admin center and create a new online course, add the document as a PDF file with the learning module builder, as well as a “Read and understood” confirmation at the end of the course.

Add the learners individually or as a group and publish the course.

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