December 18, 2019

LMS365 and HR Management for Dynamics 365 connect together


Today we are proud to announce the strategic partnership between ELEARNINGFORCE and Hubdrive. Based on this partnership, customers will benefit from an unparalleled integrated offering between HR Management for Dynamics 365 and the award-winning learning management solution LMS365. LMS365 is already fully integrated into Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Now the only missing gap will be closed: the integration for HR customers based on Dynamics 365.
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Hubdrive and ELEARNINGFORCE will ensure that Dynamics 365 HR customers can benefit from all LMS365 functions by a seamless integration towards Job Profiles, Trainings and Career Planning. Customers will be able to build individual Online Training Courses and associate them to Job Profiles to support e.g. the Onboarding of new employees.

For Talent Management it will be possible to define the training courses and the order that has to be taken related to a Career Path. Furthermore, the provisioning of the company individual training catalog for employee self-services will be possible to motivate employees improving their skills.

The integration will be available within the HR complete offering of Hubdrive as well as a modular HR Power Extensions for Dynamics 365 Human Resources short term within the first months of 2020.

About Hubdrive and HR Management for Dynamics 365

Hubdrive is the world leading provider of the HR complete solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform and the global HR competence center for the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365/Power Platform, Hubdrive offers business software for recruiting, HR Management, employee self-service, and Talent Management. The solutions are used by more than 1000 small and medium-sized companies worldwide, as well as by international organizations, public authorities and NGOs. As global competence center for HR Management in the Microsoft ecosystem, Hubdrive assists Microsoft employees and Dynamics Partners who wish to empower their customers in talent and human resource management.

Learn more about Hubdrive, HR Management for Dynamics 365 and HR Power Extensions.

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