September 20, 2018

LMS365 V3.0 – The Modern SharePoint Experience

We are excited to announce that we have released LMS365 V3.0. This release is packed with major updates which will be the start to the journey of LMS365 into the modern experience.

What does this modern experience mean?

Modernized Learning Module, SCORM & Quiz Players

With the new players released for the Learning Module Builder, Quiz and SCORM & AICC, users will experience a modern look. All your content whether it’s Sways, videos from Microsoft Stream or a Microsoft Form can now be watched by users in ‘Full Screen’, creating a better User Experience when accessing the Training in LMS365.

Support for Modern Experience in SharePoint
The latest release of our LMS365 solution will support the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and will enable you to run LMS365 both in the classic SharePoint sites and the new Modern SharePoint Sites. The modern SharePoint experience is truly user-friendly and focus on being compelling, flexible and mobile. It’s become easier to customize the user experience to better fit their needs. With the introduction of among others the new communication site SharePoint provides an interactive and engaging way to share information and content.

New Mobile App Look & Feel

Being able to access your learning platform anywhere at any time is essential in the Modern Digital Workplace. The LMS365 mobile app continues to develop and with this release it has been given a new look with a better and more intuitive menu. Also, are you tired of the ‘Orange’ default Look & Feel of our Mobile App? Well, with this new feature you are able to customize the look and feel of your app as well as configure which Menu Items you want the app to display.


If you want to try out all the new features of LMS365 3.0 simply  click here to start your free trial today.