June 5, 2020

LMS365 v3.15 Release


We are very excited to announce the release of version 3.15 of LMS365! Below you will see an overview of the upcoming improvements for LMS365. We will present several new improvements to learner administration along with many new functions to the LMS365 Microsoft Teams app. Find all release notes here.
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  1. Learner Administration Improvements
  2. Teams App Improvements
  3. Self-Service API Key Management and API Improvements
  4. New Data Centres in the UK and Germany

1) Learner Administration Improvements

We are providing several improvements to learner administration.

  • New and easy way to add multiple individual users to the learner list with a maximum of 50 users at a time.
  • The ability to remove entire Azure Active Directory or Office 365 groups from the learner list.
  • It is now possible to add an indication icon to the learner list to help identify learners that only have access to selected training, but not the entire catalog. This is primarily usable when global targeting is enabled in your LMS365. Find more info in this article on the Help Center.
  • With the addition of this new optional column we have changed the heading from “User Profile” to “Learner List Columns” in LMS365 configuration.
  • New filters have been added in the learner list and line manager dashboard that only find learners that have no competencies or no training.

2) Microsoft Teams App Improvements

We have made several improvements to the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams.

  • The Microsoft Teams chatbot actions are now adaptive cards, which means that they provide an interactive card as response to your chat commands. This makes it easier to do multi-interaction commands to the chatbot.
  • Hints have been added when typing commands to the chatbot making it easier for users to navigate the information available.
  • Course cards displayed by the chatbot now display the same information as on the course home page.
  • The sign in mechanism in Microsoft Teams will reduce the scenarios where a learner is asked to sign in to LMS365 again when inside Microsoft Teams.

3) Self-Service API Key Management and API Improvements

We are enabling LMS365 global admins to generate, re-generate and revoke API keys themselves from within LMS365 global configuration. This will provide clients with direct control of the API keys used for granting access to integrations into their LMS365 data. Finally, there are some improvements and additions to the APIs themselves:

  • Self-Service API Key Management
  • API: Extend API Operators to set user
  • API: Webhook: When training has been created

4) LMS365 Deploys New Data Centers in the UK and Germany

We are happy to announce the deployment of two new data centers in the UK and Germany.

These new Microsoft Azure data centers will enable LMS365 to provide a learning platform that supports the data and compliance requirements within the local regions.

Microsoft Azure expansion enables customers to uphold data residency needs as they deliver training with the LMS365 platform.

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