Extranet User Manager

Onboard, share, and collaborate with your external stakeholders

Train external users in LMS365 using Extranet User Manager

LMS365 has partnered with Envision IT to offer a guest user management tool called Extranet User Manager (EUM). 

EUM makes it easy to onboard, share, and collaborate with external users in LMS365. Using EUM, LMS365 customers can access a complete solution to enhance the experience of users outside of their organization such as contractors, partners and customers. 

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Connect external users

Provide training and development in LMS365 to users outside of your organization

Simplified access

External users will enjoy the ability to login with their personal or company issued email address

Delegated user manager

EUM allows delegated user management for LMS365 administrators

Self-registration for external users

External users can self-register for entire course catalogs, training plans, or individual courses
business people
“There is a common need to provide training externally and we’re excited LMS365 has chosen us as their trusted product partner. Our robust external user management platform offers a simplified user interface for administrators and end users, and a secure platform for onboarding. We are excited to collaborate on mutual initiatives and to be able to provide added value to LMS365 partners and customers.”
Logan Guest
Sales and Marketing Manager at Extranet User Manager
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