Law and Legal

Ensure the effective industry training of your attorneys and law professionals

Law and Legal

LMS365 streamlines and secures the training process for law firms and organizations requiring continuous education of legal topics through automated compliance training and flexible learning opportunities.

What is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, making it easy for attorneys and legal employees to learn where they already work.

LMS365 has partnered with the innovative legal tech company, lawpilots to expand legal course offerings and give learners access to a wide range of resources, including off-the-shelf training content for legally regulated areas of data protection, IT security, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

With LMS365, law firms can create tailored training to help protect their employees and organization against data protection mishaps, cyberattacks, and compliance violations.

Offer Employees Quality Legal Training Courses with LMS365, lawpilots, and Microsoft 365

  • Deliver interactive training in the legally regulated areas of CCPA, data protection and IT security
  • Reduce training administration tasks and shrink costs for operating secure learning in the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Track compliance and legal training progress with integrated Power BI displays and reports
  • Customize training for your workforce using the variety of content styles available like storytelling, practical examples, explanatory videos, gamification, and expert interviews

Deliver compliance, data protection, and legal training in one streamlined learning environment

Learn how LMS365 supports the effective training of law professionals.