Tracking & Reporting

Tracking progress is
essential for corporate training

Tracking & Reporting

Improve your training by continually monitoring the behavior and tendencies of your learners

Reporting and tracking learner progress is an important part of any corporate training. It’s essential within compliance training to prove that employees are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations. In order to continually improve your employees’ competencies, tracking their progress will make the task much more efficient.

LMS365 offers canned excel reports exported directly from the LMS, as well as more advanced analytics within Microsoft’s Power BI available with premade templates.

Tracking & Reporting

Track data and present it with one of the many integrated tools

  • On-screen tracking of live data
  • Canned Excel reports
  • Advanced analytics, using ready-made Power BI dashboards
  • Connect your data to any BI tool, using Odata

How could this feature help you?

A new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been launched in the health sector. As Head of L&D of a hospital, it is your responsibility to make sure every doctor and nurse gets the required training. If not, you risk peoples lives and heavy penalties.

It is not enough that your learners read through the material, it is essential that they fully comprehend the new regulations.

So, you add a quiz at the end of the course, set the passing score to 95% and track the progress in the LMS365 admin center.

Now you can track your learners’ progress and see who are struggling and might need some additional assistance.

After everyone has passed the quiz you export all the results to a canned Excel document and send it to management – that way you’re able to prove the new competency of your learners.

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