Microsoft 365 Adoption

Increase adoption and get the full
benefit of your Microsoft 365 investment

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Microsoft 365 adoption

Empower your employees to do more with the complete Microsoft suite

The Microsoft 365 suite is packed with high-performing and productivity-inducing applications, but many organizations only scratch the surface of the toolset’s potential.

Make the best of Microsoft 365 with LMS365

The movement towards digital transformation has caused many organizations to introduce multiple tools which are having a negative impact on end user adoption. Employees keep using the same few tools in the Microsoft suite rather than exploring the full catalog of applications. Above hesitance of change, confusion of tools and lack of motivation, it has been found that that biggest contributor to low user adoption is not enough training. As LMS365 is deeply integrated within Microsoft 365, the learning platform can help increase user adoption and activate behavioral change.

Familiarize employees with the tools available

Lack of employee training is one of the biggest reasons behind wasted tool potential. Let training create awareness and give employees the chance to explore the full potential of the Microsoft 365 tools.

Work smarter with your existing technology

Use the Microsoft Suite throughout the entire training process. With LMS365 you add content created within Microsoft 365, access courses in Microsoft Teams and track ROI with Power BI. Combining existing tools ensures the success all together.

Drive the digital transformation of learning

Build a learning culture in Microsoft Teams with LMS365. Offer employees the opportunity to engage, be social and collaborate during their learning process without ever leaving their familiar digital workspace.
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Microsoft 365 adoption

Let learning become the driving factor

Managers are now realizing that tools alone cannot increase innovation, production and collaboration; the employees must be open to learning about and integrating these tools themselves.

Inviting change at your company may be difficult, but the benefits gained from experiencing Microsoft 365 in its full capacity makes it all worth it.

When all members of the organization are educated and empowered with these technological tools, the whole company benefits greatly!
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