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LMS365 is an award-winning platform developed by parent company, ELEARNINGFORCE International. We are a privately held software company established in Denmark in 2009 with offices in Europe, Australia, and the US.

LMS365 was founded with the ambition to create a learning platform built into the expansive Microsoft 365 environment, designed to support millions of users and learners around the globe. Today, millions of users rely on our agile, Microsoft-tailored learning platform and we continue to support both commercial and government customers (GCC) in their evolving work environments.
Company Vision
As the world transforms, so does the way we work, learn, and grow. LMS365 strives to place learning in the hands and hearts of our global customers, through the modern digital workplace.
Company Mission Statement
To empower people through inclusive and engaging learning, whenever and wherever they need it.
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About LMS365

What we stand for

Since its formation, our collaboration with Microsoft has always been robust. We’re a Microsoft® Gold Partner, and a member of the elite group of worldwide Microsoft strategic education partners in Redmond.

As a Microsoft Gold and Co-sell Partner, we build our products on the Microsoft 365 platform. We are the only learning platform on the market that is built natively for the intelligent workplace in Microsoft 365 and Azure. Our LMS365 app is Microsoft Certified, continuously maintaining the highest level of security and compliance required by the corporation.
We developed the first version of our learning platform based on a request from Microsoft Denmark. Shortly after this, we went to the market together and sold the learning platform to several hundred customers globally. We soon decided to expand to the next level and moved our solution to the trusted Microsoft Cloud.

We continue to evolve and improve our solution—alongside Microsoft and its extensive applications—to provide customers with a superior learning solution.

What we stand for

We understand distributed workforces

Training distributed workforces in a fast-growing business is a complex process that can result in chaos, frustration, and cost explosion. Universal availability and user acceptance are key, and yet cost is always an issue. We understand that solutions must be pragmatic and we work with these realities every day.

We enable excellence in learning

We feel the combined power of LMS365 and Microsoft 365 is as excellent as it is effective, and our customers feel the same way. We're passionate about learning management, and we're committed to helping our customers achieve results that are sustainable, scalable and spectacular.

Collaborating with Microsoft 365

Experience has shown repeatedly that Microsoft technology is—from the cost, administration, support, and functional perspectives—the superior way to simultaneously address long-term learning management needs and embrace the power of the cloud in a distributed enterprise. That's why we built our learning management technology into the Microsoft environment from the ground up.

The only learning management platform built into Microsoft 365

LMS365 is a cloud-based learning platform for modern digital workplaces of all sizes, and in all industries. HR, IT, and C-Suite executives from a variety of industries—including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and government—leverage the platform to deliver training, learning, and onboarding to remote employees using Microsoft 365.

LMS365, the only learning platform built directly into Microsoft 365, delivers seamless functionality and high ease of use for both administrators and learners worldwide. With our Microsoft 365 App Certification, our customers are assured of our secure data handling and software compliance within the Microsoft workspace.

Our intuitive management platform helps learners find the tailored courses they need, supports managers in identifying appropriate training demands, and ensures that learning takes place in a secure and engaging digital environment. We are dedicated to building on our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft to continuously improve and enhance the employee learning experience.
Course and content management
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