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John Mighell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Viva Learning Product Lead


"We are pleased to see LMS365 benefit from the release of our new API sync with Viva Learning. This furthers LMS365’s collaboration with Microsoft and showcases their dedication to continuously be at the forefront of next generation learning experiences. Together, we hope to enable organizations to create a culture of learning with experiences seamlessly integrated into Microsoft’s collaborative apps."
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A new type of employee experience

Microsoft Viva is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together modern technologies to centralize an organization's knowledge sharing, employee learning, complay insights, and team communications in one integrated employee experience. As an extensible platform, Microsoft Viva can easily expand with each clients' ecosystem of partners, while connecting to existing toolsets such as systems for HR, CRM, and Learning Management (LMS).

Microsoft Viva Learning + LMS365

Microsoft Viva Learning's focus is to deliver more personalized learning opportunities to employees. It serves as the "Google for Enterprise Learning", connecting and surfacing all necessary learning content. A learning management system (LMS), like LMS365, focuses on the effective administration and management of learning content for employees and the delivery of learning to users through the Microsoft Teams platform. When used together, LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning create a complete learning experience in Microsoft teams.
microsoft viva and lms365

Why pair LMS365 And Microsoft Viva Learning?

Create and deliver custom learning content

Need to get an important new compliance training out quick? Simply create custom content with the LMS365 Course Creator or upload premade SCORM and AICC packages into the LMS database to build structured training plans that employees can easily find through Viva Learning’s central hub search.

Automate and track instructor-led training

Ensure all learners receive the appropriate upskilling and role-specific training by automating the entire process in LMS365. Take the recommended courses from Viva to the next level by assigning predetermined trainings to learners, delivering them through Microsoft Teams, and tracking the progress through LMS365’s embedded analytics system.

Keep tabs on mandatory course completion

Providing quality training at work can be the best way to safeguard your company. Viva Learning allows you to recommend mandatory training to employees and combined with LMS365, you can easily the track learner progress. With its Microsoft 365 integrations, LMS365 enables you to create custom reports with Power BI to display training progress, making audits a breeze.

Engage with social and blended learning

Learning shouldn’t be solitary and stagnant. With LMS365, you can blend various content styles together—video, infographics, quizzes, and polls— into one concise training plan that can be pinned and shared through Microsoft Teams and centralized in the Viva Learning hub.

Brand your own courses with logo and title

The LMS365 courses and training plans will be shown in cards, side by side with other learning content you choose to display in Viva Learning. You can choose to customize the provider name and icon of courses and training plans from LMS365. This will help brand your internal learning platform and make the origin of the training clear to learners.

Synced course enrollment and activity

Course enrollments, assignments, and completion status are synced across LM365 and Viva Learning. This enables people to get a quick and complete overview of the courses they are enrolled in and follow their progress with courses across the two user interfaces.

Video: How does the Microsoft Viva Learning API work?

Our Chief Product Officer, Flemming Goldbach, was invited to speak at this year’s Microsoft Inspire. In his session, he shared more about how the Viva Learning API launch augments an existing LMS by creating one larger portal to transforms the learning experience. Watch the session here!
Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva: The Employee Experience platform

The Microsoft Viva employee experience platform is made up of six distinct modules, with each of them bringing their own unique benefits:

  • Viva Topics: A modern, organizational Wikipedia for skill sharing and content collaboration
  • Viva Connections: An employee network or hub where all company information is centralized
  • Viva Insights: A workplace analytics system, both for individual employees and managers
  • Viva Learning: A central hub for discovering training from multiple LMS’ inside the flow of work
  • Viva Engage: A place for employees to connect and build relationships
  • Viva Goals: A goal-setting management solution to ensure alignment across the organization
LMS365 provides seamless integration with a variety of tools to elevate your learning environment.
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LMS365: Built For Hybrid Learning Environments

LMS365 is the only learning management platform built for seamless integration with the powerful Microsoft 365 suite—including the Microsoft Viva ecosystem.

Users will never have to leave the platform to access learning, working, training and collaboration tools.

With Microsoft Viva, Teams, SharePoint Online and the LMS365 Mobile App, learning is intuitively consumed in the current context, supporting a ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ structure.

LMS365’s customizable, adaptable, and powerful features empower managers to tailor employee training to best fit each learner’s needs, more effectively preparing them for success in the hybrid workspace.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform (EXP) that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced primarily through Microsoft Teams, Viva fosters a culture where people and teams are empowered to be their best from anywhere.

There are six Microsoft Viva Modules:

  • Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Microsoft Viva Insights
  • Microsoft Viva Topics
  • Microsoft Viva Learning
  • Microsoft Viva Engage
  • Microsoft Viva Goals

You can learn more about Microsoft Viva on the Microsoft website.

Is Microsoft Viva Learning an LMS?

No – Microsoft Viva Learning can be seen as a learning experience platform (LXP) and not a replacement for your learning management system (LMS).

An LMS, such as LMS365, allows you to structure learning, going beyond course recommendations to actually assign, automate and track course completion, lending to more tailored skill development.

Microsoft Viva is a content aggregator—often referred to as “Google for learning”—placing all learning content from various systems into one centralized environment. Therefore, pairing an LMS with Microsoft Viva enables users to automate and actualize on the learning content collected in the Viva employee experience platform.

Can you create courses and custom content in Microsoft Viva Learning?

Partially. Viva Learning is primarily a collector and hub that holds all learning data that might come from external content authoring and creation tools, such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera or LMS365. However, you will be able to use SharePoint to build documents and create basic courses with Microsoft elements (Docs, PPTs, PDFs, Videos, Audio etc.)

How does LMS365 work with Microsoft Viva?

Because LMS365 is the only learning management platform built into the Microsoft 365 suite, this will include easy integration with the Viva Employee Experience Platform.

LMS365 also integrates with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, and other applications to create a seamless learning experience within one centralized digital workspace.

In this way, both Viva and LMS365 become integrated pieces of the already robust Microsoft 365 suite of tools.

Is Viva Learning available now?

Microsoft Viva Learning is currently generally available and you can find more release updates on the Microsoft Viva Suite through their main page.

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