Empower Productive Learning with
Microsoft Viva & LMS365

“The LMS is really where critical things like compliance and professional development  happens. We do not, absolutely, mean to replace the LMS. We are not going to be in a position to have the same level of specificity that an LMS can offer. Microsoft Viva interacts and interoperates with the LMS to give people the ability to view and search their entire learning catalog right within Teams.”


Alessandro Giacobbe, Microsoft General Manager of Enterprise Corporate Learning

Empower Productive Learning with Microsoft Viva & LMS365

Microsoft Viva is here to help reimagine the employee experience in the digital era of hybrid workspaces.

The Microsoft Viva platform is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together modern technologies to centralize an organization’s knowledge sharing, employee learning, company insights, and team communications in one integrated employee experience.

As an extensible platform, Microsoft Viva can easily expand with each clients’ ecosystem of partners, while connecting to existing toolsets such as systems for HR, CM and Learning Management (LMS).

Alone, Microsoft Viva is not a replacement for a dedicated LMS. However, when paired with such a platform—like LMS365—an organization’s employee learning is supersized, bringing enhanced productivity and engagement to hybrid learning environments.

Microsoft Viva Learning + LMS365: A Complete Learning Experience in Microsoft Teams

As an employee learning experience platform (LXP), Microsoft Viva Learning’s focus is to deliver more personalized learning opportunities to employees.

It serves as the “Google for Enterprise Learning, connecting and surfacing all necessary learning content.

A learning management system (LMS), like LMS365, focuses on the effective administration and management of learning content for employees and the delivery of learning to users through the Microsoft Teams platform.

When used together, LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning create a complete learning experience in Microsoft Teams.


Why Pair LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning?

As Microsoft Viva Learning is not an LMS, you will still require a solution to effectively create, administer and manage learning opportunities for your team; LMS365 is the platform to execute these tasks, and your ticket to seamless LMS integration with Microsoft Viva inside Teams.


When paired together, LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning create a smooth, secure and agile hybrid learning environment:

  • Create custom learning content in LMS365 Course Creator and build structured courses and paths that employees can find through Viva Learning’s central hub search
  • Easily track needed compliance trainings in LMS365, and give employees access to recommended learning content through ‘My learning’ tab in Viva section of Teams
  • Diversify learning content in LMS365, creating blended learning courses with videos, quizzes, polls, while centralizing content though Viva Learning module so it is secure and accessible
  • Deliver training to external learners, including partners and customers, ensuring that you reach all audiences

LMS365 Built for Hybrid Learning Environments

LMS365 is the only learning management platform built for seamless integration with the powerful Microsoft 365 suite—including the Microsoft Viva ecosystem. Learners will never have to leave the platform they have accessed the learning from. Be it Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and the LMS365 (Teams) Mobile App, learning is intuitively consumed in the current context, supporting a ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ structure.

Its customizable and adaptable structure, including powerful features, empowers all users with the ability to tailor employee training and development courses to best fit each learner’s needs, more effectively preparing them for success in the hybrid workspace.

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Microsoft Viva: The Employee Experience Platform

The Microsoft Viva employee experience platform is made up of four distinct modules, with each of them bringing their own unique benefits:

  • Viva Topics: A modern, organizational Wikipedia for skill sharing and content collaboration
  • Viva Connections: An employee network or hub where all company information is centralized
  • Viva Insights: A workplace analytics system, both for individual employees and managers
  • Viva Learning: A central hub for discovering training from multiple LMS’ inside the flow of work

Image: Microsoft


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