September 23, 2020

LMS365 Transforms Compliance, Security and Technology Training for Government Sector

Learning Platform Leader Achieves Double-Digit Growth in Government Space

LMS365 reached 100% growth in the government sector in the past year due to the increasing demand for simple, easy-to-access training, the company announced today. Providing a learning management platform built directly into Microsoft 365, LMS365 is transforming how government agencies deliver, track and report on training to employees within their existing IT infrastructure and tools.


Across local, state and federal government organizations, compliance and regulation requirements continue to grow as workforces become more dispersed with the rise of remote work. To ensure that employees at all levels of the organization receive access to necessary training and learning, these organizations need a centralized approach that fits into their regular workflows. LMS365 is available in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC), providing a learning platform that’s built into Microsoft 365.

LMS365 offers government agencies with a full-featured learning platform built into their existing Microsoft 365 environment so they can:

  • Easily distribute training to employees distributed across town or around the country
  • Deliver, track and report on training from one, centralized platform
  • Enable collaborative knowledge sharing, communication and learning
  • Avoid the high costs of standard classroom learning programs

LMS365’s integration into Microsoft 365 enables government agencies to deliver training directly within their existing IT infrastructure and tools, eliminating user adoption issues and increasing productivity and retention. Not only does this help maximize the investment in Microsoft, but it also increases learning engagement and reduces overall administrative costs. More information on LMS365’s offering for state and local agencies can be found here.

“Given the complex set of compliance and regulatory requirements to maintain, coupled with a geographically dispersed workforce and COVID-19, government agencies need intuitive learning tools to easily push training out across an entire organization. At the same time, these organizations are looking to maximize their investment in their existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Our growth in this area demonstrates that LMS365 is meeting these needs with a modern learning platform built into organizations’ existing Microsoft 365 infrastructures.”


David Merrell, Business Manager – Public Sector, LMS365