LMS for Finance with Microsoft 365

Course and content management


LMS365 enables financial organizations to deliver, track, and analyze regulatory training of advisors in hybrid work environments.

What is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only learning platform built directly into the Microsoft 365 suite of workplace tools. The platform makes it easier for financial institutions to manage and track online learning, ensuring that professionals are well-trained on compliance measures, information security practices, and other legal requirements.

As all information can be uploaded to a single database, LMS365 is much more time and cost-effective than running training in-person and more accessible for remote and hybrid financial teams.

Mitigate risk, automate compliance training, and stay prepared for the constantly changing regulatory demands of the finance industry.

Course and content management
Course and content management

Deliver Regulatory and Compliance Training in Your Familiar Microsoft Environment

  • Reduce regulatory risks by providing up-to-date compliance training on anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, PCI (Payment Card Industry), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), all within Microsoft 365
  • Keep sensitive data secure in the trusted Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Import SCORM and AICC content packages or build custom financial training in the LMS365 Course Creator
  • Track employee training through Power BI to ensure all security and data privacy regulations are met and well-understood by professionals

LMS365 supports financial service organizations in staying compliant and secure through training

Onboard New Employees

LMS365 streamlines the onboarding of new hires through automated course delivery, progress tracking, and certificate distribution, shrinking the time needed to get them effective in their positions.
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Train Remote Workers

With the LMS365 mobile app, all important regulatory training and data security information is just a click away, and employees always have access to the information they require, regardless of where they work from.
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Track Employee Compliance

Automatically register employees for necessary compliance and regulatory training and keep track of course completion through the integrated Power BI reports and analytic tools.
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  • CoVantage

    “I do not believe anything will ever replace face-to-face training, but LMS365 has given us the opportunity to provide the best-of-the-best in training when we can’t physically be there.”
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  • RealFoundations

    “The LMS365 add-in for Microsoft Teams has proven extremely helpful to us for both deploying and accessing learning content. As an enterprise, we embraced Teams to aid in delivering our services and project-oriented work. Now, we can collocate learning courses and training plans we have authored alongside the conversation and file collaboration experience already native within Teams.”
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  • Bonnfinanz

    “LMS365 has revolutionized the regulatory compliance process related to learning for our financial advisors. Our network can carry out required their learning, record progress and sign their declaration all in one place, helping our small learning team to ensure compliance and prepare for the annual audit. We’re very pleased with the platform.”
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  • TASC

    “As we are a nearly 100% remote capable organization, we need solutions that reach all over the globe. LMS365 is used by the entire organization to meet our onboarding and compliance training needs, as well as for development in leaders, employee capabilities, and more.”
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