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What is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only learning platform built directly into the Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint. The agile solution simplifies the learning process, making it easier for companies to deliver up-to-date training to help develop employees who can better support clients.

As all information can be uploaded and housed in the Microsoft 365 digital workspace, LMS365 is much more time and cost-effective than running training in-person and more accessible for remote and hybrid workforces.

Create training the matches your brand, can be tailored for a range of different roles, and is easy to measure and track.

Empower Consulting Teams with Continuous Skill Training in Microsoft 365

  • Create a streamlined learning environment using the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, delivering learning in the flow of work and in a familiar, digital workspace
  • Support learner autonomy with streamlined course search function and blended content styles to cater to diverse learner needs
  • Import SCORM and AICC content packages or build custom training in the LMS365 Course Creator
  • Track skill development and training through Power BI to ensure employees have the competencies needed to excel in their work
Course and content management

LMS365 provides scalable and continuous training to foster effective consulting teams

Onboard New Employees

LMS365 modernizes the onboarding of new hires through automated course delivery, progress tracking, and certificate distribution, getting new hires trained and confident in their roles quickly.
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Provide On-the-Go Training

With the intuitive LMS365 app, employees can access learning wherever and wherever they find themselves, with online and offline access through Microsoft single sign-on.
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Create Training Plans

LMS365 allows consulting companies to organize courses into tailored training plans that include prerequisites and needed competencies to help learners follow the best developmental path.
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  • PageGroup

    “LMS365 provides a far more structured and sophisticated learning catalogue than we had previously. It allows us to create full courses for the first time, globalize our offering and embed learning into our performance review process. It’s changing the mindset of learners.”
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  • BDO

    “We use LMS365 is so many different ways, including pre-boarding, onboarding, professional training, IT training and leadership development. Our blended training plans cover multiple types of learning, including classroom-based training, videos, webinars, assignments, presentations, and quizzes. Our entire four-year course for trainees can be found on LMS365.”
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  • GrECo

    “LMS365 is transforming the learning culture at GrECo. It has opened learning up to all our employees across all our markets and is enabling every individual to better control their own learning journey. We’re on a truly exciting journey that is embedding learning into the working life of the whole organization.”
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  • Rheinwohnungsbau

    “In the midst of digitization and the accompanying flood of apps, LMS365 really helped us bundling all learning content and scheduling in one comprehensive system. This way we can ensure a clear overview of the entire knowledge management.”
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