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Keeping your training content up-to-date and relevant to your changing needs can be time consuming and costly. Add to this the burden of sourcing and procuring content from multiple providers on an ongoing basis.

Go1 is a new and better way to train your team. As the world’s largest marketplace of training, Go1 provides you with instant access to thousands of training courses through LMS365, sourced from the best content providers in the world.

Do you want to take LMS365 for a spin?

“Today’s challenging environment has heightened the need for training and upskilling as organizations shift to new ways of doing business. They need relevant, easy-to-access content, and an efficient way to deliver learning that keeps employees engaged and connected now more than ever. We’re excited to address this challenge head-on through our integration with LMS365.”

Basem Emera, Head of Revenue Operations at Go1