October 18, 2021

LMS365 Partners with lawpilots to Provide Legal Training Courses for CCPA, Data Protection, and IT Security



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LMS365 and lawpilots have partnered to offer a content bundle with topics including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), data protection for employees, and IT security for employees.

AARHUS, Denmark, October 20, 2021 – LMS365 today announced its partnership with lawpilots, a Berlin-based company who offers innovative and practical online training around the legal issues of digitization. Partnering with lawpilots expands LMS365’s offerings and gives learners access to a wide range of resources in the U.S. access to off-the-shelf training content for legally regulated areas of data protection, IT security, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Training on compliance and security topics can often be difficult for learners to recall and retain, however lawpilots makes training on legal topics easy through its innovative online training courses. With this new partnership, LMS365 customers can now purchase a content bundle with new topics including CCPA, data protection for employees, and IT security for employees.

LMS365 is the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 & Teams. This makes it easy for employees to learn where they already work. Now with lawpilots, training is easily deployed via LMS365 without disrupting an employee’s current workflow.

Christopher Rousset, Managing Director Americas and VP Global Alliances, LMS365, said: “In today’s virtual world, topics like IT security and data protection are more crucial now than ever. Our partnership with lawpilots is helping our customers get up to speed in key areas of the digital workplace. We look forward to continuing our partnership momentum to ensure our learners have access to the most innovative training experiences possible.”

Philipp von Bülow, Chief Executive Officer, lawpilots, said: “Data protection mishaps, cyberattacks, compliance violations, and workplace accidents often originate from untrained employees. At lawpilots, we have made it our mission to help companies get to the root of the problem and train employees effectively and sustainably. We’ve said goodbye to dull training courses and are focused on innovative and interactive e-learning. This partnership with LMS365 allows lawpilots content to reach even more learners and achieve our mission.”

About lawpilots

lawpilots is an innovative legal tech company that aims to revolutionize both the legal and the training industry. How does lawpilots do that? With interactive e-learnings in the legally regulated areas of data protection, IT security, occupational safety, and compliance.

Training employees on legal topics is hard. The content is abstract and difficult to understand, employee motivation is often low, and constantly new legal requirements frequently lead to massive overload. For these challenges, lawpilots has the solution: Innovative online training courses.

True to the company’s motto “Law. Simple. Understood.” The perfect mix of storytelling, practical examples, explanatory videos, gamification and expert interviews makes even dry topics exciting. The combination of flexibility and emotions enables a fun, motivating and sustainable learning experience. In addition, the e-learnings are multilingual, mobile-friendly, interactive and customizable and each online training course was developed with recognized legal experts.

Website: lawpilots.com

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