Waiting List

Make you and your learners’ lives
easier with the LMS365 Waiting List

Waiting List

The Waiting List will automatically make the sessions enrollment process smooth for everyone

Make registration as easy for your learners as possible. With the waiting list feature in LMS365, learners will be able to sign up for a course even though it might be full already. The waiting list will automatically add people from the list if an enrolled learner unenrolls.

Waiting List

Extensive enrollment features with the Waiting List

  • Making it possible to sign up to full course sessions
  • Giving the LMS administrator the ability to add learners to a session even though it’s full
  • Learners can easily make requests for new sessions

How could this feature help you?

Popular speaker, Simon Sinek, is booked to make an inspiring lecture on work-satisfaction.

Because of his well-known profile, you’re certain that the lecture will be in high demand and the session will be fully booked. To make it fair to everyone, you create a classroom course in LMS365 with a session. When you launch the course, it gets fully booked within a few hours.

In the week leading up to the lecture, some of the people that were quick to sign up realize that they won’t be able to attend after all.

Luckily you added a waiting list to the course, and the instant someone leaves the session, the first person on the waiting list automatically gets added as an attendant to the session, ensuring that no seats are left empty.

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