March 31, 2020

Unleash the power of your remote workforce with LMS365 during COVID-19

With technological developments, and in times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic, working remotely has significantly gained popularity. For large organization such as Microsoft and Google, having their employees work from home as a measure against this pandemic, may not be a big challenge. However, for lots of companies having their employees work remotely is a whole new situation.


Being a global company a wide range of LMS365 customers are affected by this situation. As they try to both ensure the health and safety among their employees, focus is also on maintaining appropriate and effective working conditions. However, time is ticking, and it is imperative that companies send critical information and procedures to all employees. Many have already started using LMS365 to raise awareness and educate their workforce on topics such as “Preventing the Spread of Infection”, “Proper Hand Washing”, “How to tell if you should stay home”.

However, often LMS licenses are bought in order to deliver training to certain parts of the company. To support LMS365 customers, existing customers are offered a temporary user license increase free of charge* to accommodate awareness training or delivering critical information to the entire company.

With the global spread of COVID-19 impacting each and everyone’s day to day life, it is imperative for each and every organization to help others with their specific tools and expertise at hand,” says Christopher Rousset, Regional Director Americas.

Furthermore, the LMS365 content partner ClipTraining has offered to share free content package including a course with tips and tricks to successfully work from home. In addition, well-known Teams expert and advocate, Heather Severino will share the value of using Office 365 solutions to improve communication and collaboration while working from home.

Create your new home for learning within Microsoft Teams

As organizations adapt to the remote work situation, new tools are introduced. One of those platforms are Microsoft Teams where 44 million users have generated more than 900 million meeting minutes every day this week. Microsoft Teams brings the physical workspace to the online space, allowing people to chat, have virtual meetings and collaborate making it the ultimate hub for teamwork. As a result, employees can stay connected during these times. Now is the Perfect Time to Integrate Learning into Microsoft Teams.

“Microsoft Teams certainly is revolutionizing how companies work right this moment. We’re happy that LMS365 customers can bring the social aspect of learning back and create a collaborative learning culture where users are able to chat, help each other and share experiences,” says Mette Søs Gottlieb, Chief Commercial Officer at ELEARNINGFORCE International.

As working remotely can have a significant impact on productivity and employee engagement having tools within a familiar environment is important. The fact that LMS365 is built for Microsoft Teams enables organizations to deliver and track training without leaving the platform. As a result, companies can keep employees engaged, connected and empowered even when working remotely.

Check out this video to learn more about how to embed training within a team and personalize the learning experience in this video






*Request can be made for the total number of users in your current Office 365 subscription, valid through May 31, 2020.