Bring immersive XR capabilities to company learning and training

Create virtual reality training sessions

Modern organizations are continuously looking for solutions that can help keep employees engaged while offering them structured training pathways and the ability to track and follow training progress. This becomes not only possible, but expansively viable with the collaboration between LMS365 and SynergyXR.  

SynergyXR is a powerful no-code, enterprise XR platform that empowers companies to elevate their work with Extended Realities without having to be a tech wiz or write a single line of code. The platform is perfect for companies who work with products and services that are complex, technical, and difficult to explain – things that need to be communicated visually.

Immersive XR training that boosts learning speed and confidence

Employ interactive and engaging experiences to enhance the learning process

Seamless integration of LMS365 and SynergyXR for absorptive learning

Guide learners to the agile learning content via LMS365 sessions

Structured learning pathways and progress tracking in a virtual environment

Use LMS365 to structure immersive learning content and make it available in the flow of work
The integration with LMS365 will ensure an enhanced learning experience for learners who can access personalized learning paths, progress tracking, and performance analytics, making the learning experience more engaging, immersive, and effective.
Sune Wolff
CTO and Co-Founder of SynergyXR
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