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Unleash the full potential of your existing Microsoft platform

Investing in new standalone systems can cause more complexity -and headaches in the IT department -as they require separate infrastructure and administration. Not to mention hours of user training sessions and support.


With LMS365, you get to leverage your current Microsoft 365 infrastructure into a full-featured learning solution that will scale and adapt with your needs over time. Hassle-free, with quick user adoption, and while staying in full control.


Simply add LMS365 to your current infrastructure

LMS365 is the only learning platform that can be integrated into Microsoft 365. Whether your users prefer working from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online,or Outlook using their laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, learners are empowered to learn using existing and familiar systems.

That’s why LMS365 is the only learning platform that completely aligns employees’ learning experience with their daily workload and tasks. And with LMS365 you will have a complete learning management solution up and running in a few days on your existing Microsoft 365 platform.

Leverage your existing Microsoft platform with no hassle


Make learning part of your digital workspace

LMS365 is the only solution built as a provider-hosted add-in for Microsoft 365 and Azure that transforms the existing Microsoft 365 environment into a powerful LMS.


Transform the Microsoft Teams experience

Microsoft Teams is the new hub for collaboration. Add LMS365 and get a collaborative learning experience that employees can access without needing to change application.


Make the most of your existing user data

As part of Microsoft 365, LMS365 utilizes AAD (Azure Active Directory), Office Groups and Teams. Administrators can take advantage of existing AAD groups to enroll specific audiences to specific training courses.

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Harvest the full potential of Microsoft 365 with LMS365.

Full user control meets simple and safe access

Since LMS365 provides seamless integration with the entire Microsoft stack, including Azure Active Directory, it knows exactly who your users are by leveraging profile information such as job title, department,and manager, to determine training needs for each user. In addition, users do not need to log into another system or remember different credentials thanks to the single sign-in.


Are you ready to embrace the major increase in the number of remote workers?

Most organizations are still in the early stages and are handling remote working in a very ad hoc manner. This e-Book is a guide to help organizations embrace the major upsurge in remote workers and get the most from more flexible working conditions.