Learning on the go

Boost your workforce performance
with mobile learning

Learning on the go

Access learning anywhere, anytime on any device

Today’s employees are often working from many locations and having the flexibility to work and learn in one’s own time, at any place, is one of the most desired benefits of modern workplaces.

Learning never stops with the LMS365 Mobile App

In a world where mobile devices are in the hands of most employees at any given time, mobile learning capability is no longer just a great feature, it’s an expectation. With the LMS365 Mobile App learners are able to pause training on their desktop while in the office work and seamlessly continue the course on their mobile device as they catch the train or a plane, or in the comfort of their homes. Accessing your learning platform has never been more convenient with the intuitive LMS365 app.
Offline availability

Access training offline

Not connected to internet? No problem. Learners can download courses and take them when they are offline. Results and progress are synchronized across devices once back online.

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Instant access

Engaging learning experience

With the LMS365 Mobile App learning is just a click away. Enroll and unenroll courses directly in the app and check if you are still on the top of the leaderboard.


Mobile notifications

Remind learners of training

Ensure that your employees complete training with push notifications. Learners can mark notifications as read/unread, delete them and search for the ones they need.

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Learning on the go

Move the training to the mobile space

Mobile learning helps scale your employee training and allows a more controlled management of company growth.

As you can provide learners with constant trainings and up-to-date business objectives through their mobile devices, it becomes easier to retain important company information.

Engage and empower your employees at their own convenience and watch your training costs sink as employee training efficiency soars.