Why LMS365 Is the Preferred Solution for Microsoft 365 and Teams Integration

With a massive increase of organizations operating online, the need for an integrated digital workplace that supports employee learning, training and collaboration has heightened.

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As the Microsoft Preferred Solution for learning management integration, LMS365 helps businesses in all industries to enhance the efficacy, engagement and ease of their digital workspaces.

By integrating the modern, cloud-based learning platform into the Microsoft 365 Office suite of tools, users can boost their Microsoft adoption, unlock the full potential of virtual team collaboration, and empower employee learning and training through the trusted Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online applications.

In a matter of no time, your online workspace is transformed into all-encompassing growth and connection platform with the Microsoft 365 integrated LMS365.

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Boost Microsoft 365 Adoption and Unlock the Full Benefit of Your Existing Software

A huge part of what makes LMS365 a superior solution for Microsoft Office integration is its ability to increase user adoption through improved employee training and engagement.

Though thousands of companies have invested in the standalone Microsoft 365 applications, the majority of organizations have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved through these digital technologies.

Some of the most common reasons for low Microsoft 365 user adoption are:

  • Overwhelm and confusion around information
  • Hesitance to change
  • Lack of motivation to learn
  • Insufficient training of tools


By incorporating a complete learning management system like LMS365—one that plugs in directly to Microsoft Office applications like SharePoint and Teams—you can overcome all these barriers to user adoption, in one virtual workspace.

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What Makes LMS365 So Special?

Well frankly, Microsoft says so; LMS365 has been continuously highlighted by the Microsoft team for its ability to enhance how organizations connect, create and train through the superior learning management platform.

Plus, LMS365 is designed for direct and easy connection to applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Power BI, PowerPoint and Stream. Because of this close connection to Microsoft applications, LMS365 offers a range of benefits for Microsoft Office 365 users:

  • Full learning integration in a familiar environment
  • Around the clock access to training, learning, and working content from any desktop or mobile platform
  • Ability to login into LMS training platform using single Microsoft log-in

The LMS365 platform is fast to install, highly customizable, and plugged into with the rest of your digital workspace. In a matter of hours, you can have a complete learning management system running smoothly in your existing Microsoft 365 environment, making it a no-brainer why LMS365 is a Microsoft Preferred Solution.

SharePoint Online + LMS365 = Your Ticket to a Thriving Virtual Environment

LMS365 was built to provide Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint users with a suite of learning add-ins that expand what can be done in the online workplace. And because LMS365 is a cloud-based learning platform, it continues to support the 81% of SharePoint users who utilize the platform through the cloud rather than on-premise.


LMS365’s Office 365 app helps organizations turn dull SharePoint sites into engaging, formalized content pages. Create complete courses using the learning management elements of LMS365 with the SharePoint application to easily carry out virtual employee training.

Or, simply use SharePoint pages to integrate daily learning opportunities into your team’s flow of work. The possibilities are endless when you choose LMS365 as your dedicated and integrated SharePoint LMS.


Utilizing LMS365 as a dedicated Microsoft Teams LMS helps your organization create a collaborative learning experience that’s accessible to employees wherever and whenever they log in. How much easier could it be to learn and collaborate online?


LMS365 Enriches Microsoft Teams for Effective Learning and Collaboration

With over 115 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams continues to be the chosen platform for virtual collaboration for the increasingly online workforce. What Microsoft Teams brings to the communicative online space is further enhanced by the integrated learning and training tools available through LMS365.


By incorporating a learning management system into your Microsoft Teams environment, you not only save time and money on training facilitation, but you also:

  • Increase employee productivity through easy-to-access learning content that is in the same platform as work projects and available from any device
  • Promote collaboration through interactive brainstorming tools and shareable LMS training content that can be uploaded directly into Teams
  • Foster employee growth with interactive onboarding, instructional videos, and progress tracking, all available through the LMS365 App for Teams

Customize Your Microsoft Office 365 Learning Environment with LMS365

When asked, 73% of remote workers reported that having flexibility in their work environment was the most important factor in their Microsoft Teams environment.
Your organization is one of a kind, and your virtual learning environment should reflect that.

When integrated with LMS365, the Microsoft 365 Office suite transforms into a highly customizable, incredibly flexible learning management platform that allows you to tailor your virtual environment for the specific learning needs of your team.

Just have a peek at how the LMS365 Mobile App puts flexible learning and collaboration in the palm of your employees’ hands.


Bring more flexibility and fun into your virtual learning environment with LMS365


  • Add personalized courses for specific departments through the dedicated LMS365 platform
  • Share updates, learning notes and recommend courses through Microsoft Teams
  • Create engaging content and build a sense of community through SharePoint pages


With LMS365, your Microsoft suite becomes a fully operational and customized learning management system.

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