Train, empower and engage your employees with the full power of the Microsoft Teams platform


Microsoft Teams: Your New Home for Learning

Access training and collaborate with your colleagues without leaving Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the newest collaboration tool allowing you to seamlessly integrate your most valuable tools to ensure the best hub for teamwork. LMS365, a learning management platform built for Microsoft Teams, enables learners to find, take and keep track of their training directly inside the platform. Improve the communication and collaboration across the entire organization and see the employee productivity accelerate – all with the help of LMS365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Create a collaborative learning experience

LMS365 makes learning an integral part of Microsoft Teams. Watch the free demo.

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Create an engaging learning experience in Microsoft Teams!

Intelligent course assistant

Discover relevant learning content

Need help finding a specific course? Reduce the amount of click it takes to access employee training and use the intelligent LMS365 BOT to help find just the training you are looking for.

Collaborative workspace

Suggest courses to employees or a team

Users can share individual courses within a specific conversation thread or add training as tabs within a channel, where all members can collaborate and help each other throughout the learning process.

Blended learning

Online and classroom training in one place

By combining the direct interaction in the team such as meetings, chat and videos with the corporate training, LMS365 provides a complete and flexible learning experience inside Microsoft Teams.

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