June 8, 2018

LMS365 Integrates Learning in Office 365 for Government Agencies

We are excited to announce the deployment of LMS365 US Government Edition. This new deployment of the Learning Management Solution (LMS) built in Office 365 and SharePoint allows government agencies and their partners to deliver organizational training while leveraging the power, scalability and cost effectiveness of the Azure Government Cloud and Office 365 for Government.

ELEARNINGFORCE Americas (EFA) announced its status as a Microsoft Azure Government Managed Service Provider (MSP) in June of last year. Since then, EFA has helped a large Florida government agency develop a transition strategy and supported their move to the cloud. At the same time, they’ve been able to benefit from the same familiar LMS365 features in a unique environment solely dedicated to U.S. state, local and federal government agencies.

We are excited to naturally grow into this new market and help government organizations transform, moving them away from legacy systems and into the future. With twenty plus years of experience working in the government space, I understand how crucial a dedicated government platform is and through Microsoft’s Government Cloud we can deliver a modern and integrated learning solution through LMS365. This will help drive Office 365 usage and adoption, ultimately supporting the digital transformation of our future government clients.

Chris Ostler, CEO of ELEARNINGFORCE Americas.

Training, with or without the cloud is a crucial component in an industry where compliance is king and strict regulations reign. However, many government entities are utilizing standalone systems and implementing an LMS (yet another piece of technology) that doesn’t integrate with their existing environment just isn’t a realistic option. However, with LMS365 US Government Edition, on is comprised of five add-in modules that can be purchased in the Microsoft Store.  Find out more.