Remote Learning: Activated

Unlock the full potential of remote learning for truly engaging online education

Whether your classroom is remote, in-person, or a hybrid mix of both, the quality of your education and training should not falter given the environment. With LMS365 – the learning management system (LMS) and Microsoft Preferred Solution — educators, trainers and staff can ensure the standard of their teachings stays high with remote learning.

A platform that aligns the science of learning with the foundations of education management

LMS365 remains to be the most secure, automated and expansive way to activate student engagement and enhance collaboration in a virtual learning space. It gives educators more time to create inspiring learning opportunities, support student progress and manage the processes of their educational institution. LMS365 works seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite of tools thereby boosting overall Microsoft adoption.

LMS365 offers educators

New possibilities to deliver, manage and engage with online learning

Available from anywhere, on any device, at any time

  • Incorporates an interactive mobile app that extends the learning possibilities for remote students on-the-go
  • Gives student the ability to attend live lectures and share learnings inside and outside of the classroom

Virtual classrooms connected to education hub

  • Access Microsoft Teams conversations, calls, multi-media content, documents and apps across the platform
  • Upload campus learning objectives to online classroom dashboard to ensure students stay connected and informed

Create competencies and custom grading levels

  • Observe learner skill development and get a deeper understanding of individual strengths and needs through Microsoft Power BI analytics
  • Customize grading and education models with the LMS365 Course Creator and Learning Module Builder
LMS365 gives learners

A thriving online classroom environment

Allows easy and interactive collaboration

  • Use Microsoft Teams to attend lectures, use the whiteboard, or join a break-out room for small group learning activities
  • Add videos, gifs or even memes to chat conversations for more fun and dynamic education

Fosters online participation

  • Hosts various gamification to make lessons as interactive and appealing as they are inclusive and accessible
  • Includes personalized dashboards, leaderboards and certificates to boost interaction and excitement around remote learning

Full learning integration in familiar environment

  • Easy log-in to the LMS365 platform with the same Microsoft log-in details
  • Ability to take online quizzes, complete remote assignments and attend live classes all in the one platform
LMS365 offers faculty and staff

An engaging employee development and training environment

Personalized training plans based on job function 

  • Easily categorize the information each employee gets access to depending on their role or trainings previously completed
  • Customize training to fit different learning styles

Easily accessible development resources 

  • Encourage skill development with learning and development resources based on job function.
  • Incorporate micro-learning modules that staff and faculty can complete on their own time

Track and report progress  

  • Track faculty and staff progress to ensure compliance with the most recent rules and regulations
  • Encourage engagement with personalized dashboards, leaderboards and certificates

Test out LMS365 for Education and see for yourself

Backed by science to facilitate quality remote learning

Remote Work, Attractive young woman translator working from home  remotely lying in comfortable living room using modern laptop computer, Young girl having video call via laptop, Home Office Concept

Remote learning provides a richer, more genuine interaction


Designing remote learning to interact with the culture and expectations in the home of each learner is both a proven strategy for equitable remote learning, and a task that can easily be completed with LMS365 custom course builder1.

A socially supportive learning environment is vital when defining the collaborative learning process


The online environment creates a foundation for students to experience less social pressure than in-person classes, and allows online learners to bring their own interpretations, experience and cultural lens to the remote learning space2.


LMS365 is designed to support executive function skills and cooperative education


The abilities to plan, organize, monitor, reason and problem solve are all wrapped up into the LMS365 learning platform and boosts the metacognitive strength and flexibility of online learners3.

Choose LMS365 as your dedicated learning platform and build the online learning environment our educators, staff and students deserve