Effortlessly access LinkedIn Learning’s course catalog

Access to LinkedIn Learning’s extensive course library

The built-in integration between LMS365 and LinkedIn Learning gives users access to LinkedIn Learning’s extensive course library with over 20,000 LinkedIn Learning courses directly from LMS365.  

LinkedIn Learning is an engaging skill-building solution that draws on LinkedIn’s real-time data and insights to empower learners to develop the right skills to advance their careers and customers to upskill and retain their workforce. It uniquely delivers high-quality, up-to-date, content that’s personalized to learner and career goals & organizations’ objectives and is built into the tools that learners use every day.  

Import LinkedIn Learning courses in a single move

Filter on Subjects & Topics, Skills, and Levels and search by keyword to find the courses that suit your organization’s training needs.

Customize the settings and roll courses out to learners

Enroll the appropriate audience to ensure all relevant people will undergo the training and combine courses into training paths.

Track engagement and training completion

Provide certificates and earned points for completed courses and track learning progress, completion, and engagement.

Search and discover courses in the flow of work

Learners can search and discover imported LinkedIn Learning courses directly in the LMS365 platform.
“Partnering with Learning Management Platforms, like LMS365, allows us to reach more learners within the tools they use every day.”
Raza Syed
Senior Director, Business Development, LinkedIn Learning
linkedin learning
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