Learning Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Learn for Life

Our new program is designed to give back. With Learn For Life, we aim to prove that democratized learning can truly make the world a better place. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we acknowledge that companies that can do more, should — and we will be as transparent as possible as we work to contribute to the greater good of our global community.

Join us on our continuous journey to give back through learning.

Transparency plays an integral role in the Learn For Life initiative; as we contribute to democratized learning and help important causes around the world, we will ensure that our thoughts, intentions and motives are clearly articulated at launch and beyond. By sharing our successes and setbacks, we establish trust with our customers and collaborators and can more effectively reach those from all backgrounds at the intersection of education and technology.

In the context of Learn for Life, we aim to give new life to democratizing learning, outside of our core software. This democratization can be expanded on to make and support knowledge as a source that can empower people from all walks of life.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your journey has been, learning is a key component to personal empowerment. Learning feeds creativity, boosts productivity, increases concentration and opens the mind to fresh perspectives. As the world becomes more and more knowledge-driven, lifelong learning is crucial to building the foundation for continuous development in society on an organizational, team and individual level. The Learn For Life mission is to reach as many people as possible and create a learning journey that provides a positive and permanent global impact.



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We acknowledge that giving back is no simple task. We want to be transparent in our journey towards using learning as an empowering tool to help a diverse range of causes around the world.”

Emma Damgaard Williams, Brand Marketing Specialist