Multiple Course Types & Learning Styles

Different course types to
accommodate all learners

Multiple Course Types & Learning Styles

Not all people learn the same way or at the same speed; create learning that suits every employee equally

Every learner is unique, so it is important to create a learner experience that fits the situation of the individual employee.

With LMS365 it is possible to combine several course options: classroom courses, virtual instructor-led training, blended learning and webinars.

All the best learning styles in a single, integrated training plan

Create a tailored learning strategy that fits your organization

  • Physical classroom courses using Outlook integration
  • Virtual classroom training with unified room booking
  • Blended training and learning plans
  • Online courses using any content style or source
  • Webinar courses
  • Multi-session support

How could this feature help you?

A new tool has been launched that everyone in your company would benefit from using. Management insists that as many people as possible need to know about this tool and learn how to use it.

To accommodate different learning styles and various work locations you choose to set up multiple course types with the same content.

For the people who need to read the content in their own time, you create a simple eLearning course.

For those looking for hands-on support, you host a combined physical and virtual classroom session where discussion is more seamless.

To engage the entire organization, you share a webinar course that can be accessed on any device, regardless of office location.

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