Stay in your familiar
Microsoft 365 environment


No need for multiple platforms and sign-ons to access your training, bring it right to your learners!

Built natively into Microsoft 365, LMS365 is already fully integrated with most of your IT landscape. Additionally, our modern API allows you to connect your LMS data seamlessly with your HRIS solution, your ERP system, your CRM data, and much more.


Endless possibilities for integration

  • Well documented and extensive API
  • Use Logic Apps & Power Automate to integrate your LMS data with other applications
  • Extract your data using Odata
  • Fully integrated with Azure Active Directory

How could this feature help you?

Your company keeps growing and everyone is busy with meeting deadlines and keeping customers satisfied. Training is not a priority for most of your employees, however some training is required every six months, because of an IT security policy your company has.

However, the problem is that when the time comes for training, you as a L&D manager get overwhelmed with questions from learners, since a lot of people seem to forget their login when trying to access the LMS.

By switching to LMS365 the problems are solved. People are already logged into the LMS because they’re logged into Microsoft 365. Their training is delivered to them with LMS365 on SharePoint or directly in a chat or channel on Microsoft Teams.

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