Engaging User Experience

Personalize the user
experience for your learners.

Engaging User Experience

Easy for you and your learners to follow the learning progress

Engaging your learners is a key element of an effective learning strategy. With LMS365 all learners will get a personal dashboard and whenever new courses or training is added, it will be displayed on the dashboard.

Engaging User Experience

Make learning social with LMS365!

Gamification can help give an extra incentive to complete training. Competition and a social aspect both help facilitate an engaging learning environment.


  • Configurable Learner and Manager Dashboard
  • Gamification & Leaderboards
  • Social Learning
  • Competency Manager

How could this feature help you?

You are struggling with keeping learners engaged in their training and prioritizing their continual learning. In order to cultivate an engaging learning culture, you launch a competition to reward the top 5 learners on the leaderboard at the end of every week.

The reward is a bottle of wine for the 5 highest ranked learners of the week.

Soon enough the reward becomes less important to the learners and the symbolic victory are driving your learners to engage in some healthy competition against each other.

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