Built into Microsoft Teams

Cultivate a social learning culture with Microsoft Teams

Add the social element

With LMS365 inside your Microsoft Teams platform, learning can be a part of your employees day-to-day 

Make training part of your employees’ everyday life. With the LMS365 integration for Microsoft Teams the social aspect of learning is added. 

Learners won’t even have to leave Microsoft Teams to add, take and track learning. Let learning become part of employees’ flow of work. 

Add the social element

All the LMS365 features inside Microsoft Teams!

  • Use the LMS365 bot to find your course catalog, training plans or specific courses 
  • Suggest courses to your team in the chat 
  • Add a dashboard, course or training plan in your Teams channel 

How could this feature help you?

Your company has recently started using Microsoft Teams and employees love it. All information and communication is created and managed within the platform. 

As a L&D manager you know that corporate training isn’t the priority for most of your learners, but necessary. In order to make as small a disruption in the learner’s workday as possible, you bring the training to where they already are. 

When creating courses, you make sure to post them in relevant channels and chats, as well as making the big general courses a tab in the channel that might need it the most. Not only do you see more training activity in your reports, but a collaborative learning culture starts to grow, as people are discussing the course content in the channels and chats you have posted them. 

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