November 17, 2022

Webinar: Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams, Viva Learning and LMS365


Join our webinar for the Learning and Skills Group

With more than 250 million active users, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most utilized collaboration platforms in the increasingly hybridized workspace. Join our Senior Business Manager, Travis Damgaard Campbell while he explores the dynamic relationship between LMS365 and the Microsoft applications.

As the next step in supporting modern organizations, Microsoft announced its entrance into the Employee Experience space with Microsoft Viva.

Join our session to learn what both platforms can offer corporate learning with tips and tricks on how to maximize your Microsoft ecosystem for learning. We will dive into how you can:

  • Enhance learning in the flow of work within a preferred and familiar platform
  • Benefit from the newest features for Instructor-Led Training
  • Personalize the learning experience to the individual user’s needs
  • Support corporate learning with Microsoft Viva
  • Extend and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Viva Learning


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