December 8th, 2020

The Top Tips You Need to Know about Microsoft Teams


The Top Tips You Need to Know about Microsoft Teams

With more than 115 million active users, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most utilized collaboration platforms in the online space. Join LMS365, Go1 and Simon Sez IT as we uncover the top tips and tricks to successfully using Microsoft Teams and how this can help you learn in the flow of work.

Why You Should Join


The modern collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, enables employees to learn, share and connect using an ever expanding toolbox of features. For many employees the experience of Microsoft Teams is relatively new. However, reaping the benefits of Microsoft Teams does not require years of practice or technological savvy. An open and engaged mindset can get you and your organization on the right track and our webinar can serve as a helpful guide.


After the 45 minutes you will know how to: 

  • Make the most of chats, channels and messaging to ensure optimal knowledge sharing across teams
  • Execute commands quicker with time-saving Teams hacks
  • Customize meeting set-up and bring focus to a meeting
  • Use Teams features to manage virtual instructor-led training
  • Build a suitable learning platform within Microsoft Teams that matches your organizational needs

Speaker: Paddy Boyd, Go1

Experts of the Day:

Travis Damgaard Campbell,

Senior Business Manager, LMS365

Adam Lacey, Operations Director, Simon Sez IT 

Deb Ashby, IT Trainer, Simon Sez IT