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What Is a Training Management System?

An employee training management system—or training management software—is a platform that allows users to create, monitor, assign and track employee training courses and learning content. Usually employed by Learning & Development (L&D) or Human Resources (HR) departments, employee training software aims to customize, enhance, and regulate an organization’s employee management structure.

These training management systems have become increasingly more critical in times of hybrid work environments as they allow HR to effectively train employees, no matter the place or time, making employee training agile and highly accessible.

Why Companies Use Training Management Systems

One of the many perks of modern training management systems is that they can be adapted for any industry, company or employee. This allows organizations to tailor their employee training experience to the needs of their specific workforce.

Along with these customizable features, companies use employee training platforms because they enable them to:

  • Democratize learning content and make eLearning accessible through virtual and in-office channels
  • Track employee learning progress and measure performance to identify areas of growth
  • Reduce learning costs by saving money on in-person trainings and accompanying travel budgets
  • Integrate social learning into training to make content more engaging and collaborative
  • Save time on administration as learning management systems can perform standard tracking, monitoring and analysis on its own
  • Offer consistent training through automated learning templates and easy to delivery course modules
  • Stay secure and compliant with regular training to keep employees updated on changing security protocol and policies

Who Uses Employee Training Management Software?

training management system can bring great value to companies in all industries and of all sizes. Whether you’re interested in automating more of your employee training delivery or increasing the engagement that employees experience with learning content, investing in training management software will significantly expand training opportunities.

As a trusted employee training platform, LMS365 continuously supports organizations in delivering and managing high-quality training programs. Our clients might come to us with different needs or requirements, but they always end up with a tailored solution for their organization’s training platform.

There’s a myriad of reasons a company might employ a training management system such as LMS365, but most boil down to a need for a secure, high-quality employee training platform that can meet the future head on.

  • Landus

    Landus chose our LMS365 training management software in order to establish a comprehensive learning environment that empowered employees with a range of personal and professional training options

  • G&J Pepsi

    G&J Pepsi used LMS365 to lead their digital transformation, ensuring that employee development be enhanced and cultivated through technology and change management training

  • Welker

    Welker required an updated and adaptable training platform that could store training records securely while also processing valuable company data easily

What Is LMS365?

LMS365 is the only employee training software built for seamless integration with the powerful Microsoft 365 suite, allowing learning to be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.  The dynamic learning management system is the leading HR LMS, enabling administrators to create, manage, and track their employee training, ensuring their workforce is empowered and equipped with the knowledge they need.

Read more about our innovative employee training platform.

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Create an Employee Training Program with Ease

By investing employee training software, such as LMS365, HR departments can spend less time creating content from scratch, and more time monitoring and extracting quality learning data for improved training.
With the tools offered in a learning management system , administrators can easily and quickly create an employee training program fit for learner success:

  • Build and customize courses with learning modules templates and pre-set course catalogs
  • Upload informational training videos to group chats and feeds to make learning collaborative
  • Enable users to access their training whenever and from whichever device they choose, using one logic
  • Create an engaging learning environment through personalized dashboards, leaderboards, and certificates
  • Integrate training into everyday workflows, supporting a ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ structure
  • Add gamification and blending learning styles to make learning interactive and compelling

Track Employee Training Seamlessly and Securely

A critical piece of the employee training puzzle is productive and effective tracking. Without accessible tracking and monitoring technology, L&D and HR departments are doomed to repeat ineffective trainings or see their employee training progress plateau.

Our LMS365 clients, along with other training platform users, find that the ability to securely track an employee’s learning journey is one of the most significant tools when maintaining a productive training environment. Our established learning management system supports organizations in:

  • Easily tracking and reporting on learner progress and improve upon training
  • Making data-driven decisions through ready-made analytical templates and fully customized data dashboards
  • Delivering course recommendations and proof of employee training with a few clicks
  • Tracking live learner data to see how employees interact with content on the spot
  • Connecting valuable training data to BI tools, such as Power BI, to see the visual representation of learner progress
  • Analyzing collected learner data and exporting to Excel reports to share with team and necessary administrators

With an agile training management system, like LMS365, companies can create, track and secure effective employee training for their entire organization.

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