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What Is a Corporate/Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS)?

corporate learning management system, or LMS, is a platform that functions as an eLearning database and allows organizations to effectively assess, report, and deliver training courses to their employees.

Corporate or enterprise LMS software goes beyond simple onboarding to train, reskill and upskill employees, keeping them agile and resilient in the ever-changing environment. As most corporate LMS platforms operate online and, in the cloud, you can deliver quality corporate eLearning to your entire workforce virtually, with a click of a few buttons.

Employing a corporate LMS enables managers and L&D professionals to offer employees continuous learning and training in a flexible manner that fits into their average workday. Recent advancements in eLearning further boost the productive power of an enterprise LMS by incorporating more blended learning, microlearning and interactive training tools that keep employees engaged and informed.

Who is a Corporate LMS for?

corporate LMS is for any and all companies that are looking to advance the efficacy of their employees and company as a whole. By employing an LMS to manage and deliver important training content and eLearning courses, enterprises invest in the growth of their employees while preparing their workforce for future success.

By incorporating a complete learning management system like LMS365—one that plugs in directly to Microsoft Office applications like SharePoint and Teams—you can overcome all these barriers to user adoption, in one virtual workspace.

Whether you’re looking to enhance corporate compliance training or empower employees with more agile learning opportunities, investing in an enterprise LMS—such as LMS365—will undoubtedly drive longstanding growth and organizational resilience.

Our specific LMS365 customers made the choice to adopt an enterprise learning management system for a variety of reasons:

  • BDO Denmark chose our LMS365 platform to modernize the learning experience and access more on-demand training
  • Poclain needed a comprehensive corporate LMS to provide their global workforce of over 2,200 with innovation training to boost productivity and monitor inefficiencies in their processes
  • Semler Group required an updated LMS that could support the leading automotive company in delivering future-focused corporate eLearning and development for years to come

How Can a Corporate LMS Drive Business Success?

With the addition of diverse learning, training, monitoring and analysis tools, a corporate LMS brings ample value to the entire organization. There are many ways to measure the value of your enterprise LMS, and most organizations who’ve adopted such an eLearning platform found their ROI came in the form of:

  • Improved employee confidence and productivity with reaching key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • More advanced quality of work completed and collaborated upon
  • Higher employee engagement and morale in hybrid work structures
  • Increased employee retention from positive reactions to employee learning opportunities
  • Decreased threats of security and compliance from company trainings
  • Improvement in job confidence due to continuous formal learning
  • Money saved on in-person trainings, including food and travel costs
  • Enhanced business productivity from learning tracking and monitoring capabilities
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Choosing the Right LMS: 6 Steps to Keep in Mind

So how do you find the perfect corporate LMS for your specific business needs? Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide to help you find the enterprise LMS that best supports your organization:

1. Determine your specific needs

Get clear on your training audience, size, and the skills that are most sought after and necessary for your workforce

2. Make a list of technical requirements

What type of content do you want to create? How much technical support will you need outside of L&D? What type of security and storage does your organization’s learning content require?

3. Prioritize features

Do you need an LMS that integrates with Teams for easier training collaboration? Or maybe customizable training modules are a must-have for your department. Determine what LMS features are the most important for your organization’s learning structure and mark these as priority when beginning to compare different platforms.

4. Explore your options

Once you’ve defined your specific needs, technical requirements and priority features, you can start exploring the market for LMS vendors and begin evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each

5. Think about the future

Don’t just look for the LMS that works right now; plan to invest in a corporate LMS that is adaptable and can support your company with longevity, both in practice and platform

6. Take it for a test drive

Most enterprise LMS vendors will offer a complimentary trial or demo of the software so you can see exactly how it works in real-life and in real-time. Bring all of your notes on needs and requirements to these test sessions, and try out the LMS for yourself to see if it is truly the best for your organization

What Is the Best LMS Software?

While we cannot claim that we are the best corporate LMS solution for all companies, the consistent positive feedback from our partners and clients shows we are the best solution for many companies. Here is some examples:

  • Maersk Container Industry

    “LMS365 has helped us to deliver training to a wider audience than ever before. It is essential for us and for our customers that we improve the technicians’ level of technical knowledge. Having a highly qualified service provider network reduces costs and ensures smooth everyday operations across the world.”

    – Lauren Andrews, Service Training and E-Learning Administrator

  • Welker

    “The improvement in engagement with that learning has been off the charts! It’s definitely increased the understanding of groups outside your own, and what other people are doing. Different teams are now coming to us with ideas for training they want to implement. LMS365 has been a game changer.”

    – Lindsey Taylor, Project Manager, Corporate Projects Group

  • Landus

    “LMS365 supports our initiative to help our employees learn, grow and develop. One of our success factors is our ability to lean into the future, and the platform enables us to do that.”

    – Holly Betten, Manager, Talent Management

  • Semler Group

    LMS365 has been the perfect match for us. Working with a wide range of large brands like ours requires a high level of specialized knowledge. Now we can target learning content far more effectively with our “Training Needs Analysis”, and the learner retention has increased significantly. Ultimately, better knowledge equals satisfied customers.”

    – Morten Krüger Stadpris, Digital Learning Manager

An LMS Built for the Future

The powerful LMS635 platform allows enterprises to deliver quality corporate eLearning and training courses to hundreds of employees, whenever and wherever it is needed. Its customizable and adaptable structure — along with its seamless integration to the suite of Microsoft 365 tools — empowers managers with the ability to tailor corporate trainings to best fit each learner’s needs, more effectively preparing them for future success.

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