May 27, 2020

Boost your employees’
Microsoft Teams confidence

As many organizations now are forced to work from home, new tools are adapted to bridge the physical distance. For example, Microsoft Teams recently hit 75 million daily active users. Do your employees know how to use Microsoft Teams effectively? Get your workforce up to speed for remote work with a new course from Storyals.

Free story-based course from Storyals

We are excited to announce that our content provider Storyals has offered to share their digital, story-based course “Connect and Communicate using Teams”, free of charge to all exisiting LMS365 customers until the end of June 2020.

“With the current situation, many organizations are encouraging their employees to use Microsoft Teams to connect and communicate but they haven’t provided their users with an introduction on how to use it. Without any guidance, users will not know how to efficiently use it and they are likely to experience an increase of stress in an already difficult situation. At Storyals, we want to ensure that we help organizations ease the burden of their employees and help them feel more confident using Microsoft Teams,” says Ulrika Hedlund, Founder & Managing Director of Storyals

In this course, an expert gives a quick overview of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams and shows how to get started using it. After taking this course, users will know how to use Microsoft Teams to communicate more effectively via chat and feel more confident running online meetings – whether working from home or in the office. See a preview of the course here.

Storyals is all about helping companies adopt a modern digital workplace and get more out of their Office 365 investment. They provide story-based tutorials to inspire, motivate and educate users to increase ROI and boost productivity.

Microsoft Teams: Your new home for learning

Microsoft Teams brings the physical workspace to the online space, allowing people to chat, have virtual meetings and collaborate. It is the ultimate hub for teamwork that keeps employees connected during these times.

As working remotely can have a significant impact on productivity and employee engagement having tools within a familiar environment is important. The fact that LMS365 is built for Microsoft Teams enables organizations to deliver and track training without leaving the platform. As a result, companies can keep employees engaged, connected and empowered even when working remotely.

Check out this video to learn more about how to easily access training, share a course in a chat and create a collaborative learning experience.