ERKRATH, Germany - November 30th - LMS365, a leading provider of innovative learning management solutions, proudly announces a major stride in its growth trajectory with the forthcoming launch of a cutting-edge data center in Switzerland. This state-of-the-art facility represents a pivotal move in supporting the company's commitment to delivering exceptional service to its global customer base.

The decision to establish a Swiss-based Azure Data Center is rooted in LMS365's dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of its valued customers. The inception of this center is in perfect alignment with the company's central mission to elevate user experiences, fortify data security measures, and significantly enhance performance efficiency.

This initiative symbolizes a strategic investment in reinforcing the company's infrastructure and services. It aims to provide clients with a strengthened learning management platform, fortified by unparalleled security measures, seamless accessibility, and unmatched performance.

An Unparalleled Infrastructure

The Swiss Data Center represents a hallmark in LMS365's journey, embodying the fusion of cutting-edge technology and customer-centric innovation. This infrastructure's cornerstone pillars include:

The launch of the Swiss Data Center embodies LMS365's ongoing commitment to driving innovation, customer-centricity, and fostering a secure, reliable, and resilient learning environment.

"Switzerland is a strategic market for LMS365, with several trusted partners delivering solutions and more than 100 Swiss customers in a variety of industries: retail, banking, manufacturing, high tech, public sector, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Our partnership with Microsoft Switzerland is strong and has generated many new opportunities, including a tremendous opportunity to engage with strategic customers in the Swiss market. With the Swiss GDPR regulations and recent customer requests from our financial clients, the time was right for us to invest and deliver LMS365 on the Swiss Azure Datacenters.”

Robert Nederby, Senior Vice President at LMS365

LMS365 remains resolute in its mission to revolutionize the learning experience, exemplifying its dedication to innovation and customer-centricity with the launch of this Swiss Data Center.

About LMS365 

At LMS365, we aim to empower organizations in the modern digital workplace through learning so that everyone can #LearnLikeYou. With millions of users in 60+ countries globally, LMS365 is the only cloud-based learning platform built into Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft Preferred Solution, our seamless integration with a host of modern workplace tools and partners, makes LMS365 more than just a platform for employee learning and training management; it becomes an all-in-one integrated learning solution for the digital age. Learn more about LMS365 here.

AARHUS, Denmark, June 23, 2023 – LMS365, a leading Microsoft 365-integrated learning management system, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with mybreev, an internationally active e-learning studio with focusing on e-learning content. The partnership aims to transform the learning experience for modern organizations and supports the digital continuing education programs of companies.

LMS365 is widely recognized for its comprehensive learning management solutions that enable businesses to offer their employees effective and engaging learning experiences. By partnering with mybreev, LMS365 is adding high quality, relevant e-learning content on topics from the areas of compliance, security, communication, sustainability and diversity as well as typical mandatory topics in terms of legal requirements to further enhance its capabilities.

E-learning content in multiple languages

According to Rainer Mauth, General Manager for NorDACH at LMS365: "Our partnership with mybreev will bring a new level of business-relevant content in German, English and other languages to our platform. We are excited to help our customers to develop their workforce and ensure they comply with local regulations."

mybreev is equally enthusiastic about the partnership and the streamlined learning experience that LMS365 can provide:

Premium learning platforms and quality learning content should go hand in hand. As an e-learning content publisher, we are delighted to partner with LMS365 to add content on modern business topics to their premium learning platform –  from compliance and sustainability to topics such as diversity, IT security or change.

Sven Leidel, Managing Partner, mybreev international

LMS365 and mybreev plan to scale the partnership in the future, expanding on e-learning content topics, such as security, compliance, and other industry-relevant courses, as well as their supporting modern organizations’ learning journeys.

About LMS365

At LMS365, we aim to empower organizations in the modern digital workplace through learning so that everyone can #LearnLikeYou. With millions of users in 60+ countries globally, LMS365 is the only cloud-based learning platform built into Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft Preferred Solution, our seamless integration with a host of modern workplace tools and partners, makes LMS365 more than just a platform for employee learning and training management; it becomes an all-in-one integrated learning solution for the digital age. Interested in becoming part of the LMS365 Partner Network? See all the benefits of partnership with LMS365, at our partner page.

About mybreev

mybreev GmbH is an internationally active e-learning studio and specialist for innovative e-learning formats. The focus is on providing employees with knowledge libraries on a wide range of topics, which they can access at any time and from any location in order to continue their education in a targeted manner. The customer base includes companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations, and from a variety of industries and business sectors. Under the heading "The Modern Company," the topics offered include both future-oriented issues relating to safety, communication, sustainability, and diversity as well as typical mandatory topics as defined by statutory regulations, all of which are made available via various product worlds. Learn more: www.mybreev.com.

It’s time to unleash your employees’ full potential

Create an accessible and engaging learning culture to attract, retain and develop talent. LMS365 Freemium offers a learning solution that fits your current Microsoft environment with the option to scale seamlessly and securely alongside your business.

AARHUS, Denmark, July 7, 2022 – In a growing business, you have to prioritize both the professional and personal journeys your people are on. It can be challenging to build and nurture a learning culture to support those journeys — from finding time and resources to creating content and courses. That’s why we’ve launched LMS365 Freemium, our free integrated learning platform packed with the full benefits to onboard, train, and develop your team — and scale your organization.

We know that the modern workplace is constantly in flux. Hybrid work has broadened the scope of employees’ locations, time zones, and unique experiences. So, when it comes to keeping them connected — not just to the business but to each other — we believe that having a future-ready learning platform at your fingertips keeps learning flowing freely and business moving forward.

As the only learning management platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, you get a solution that fully integrates with your preferred collaborative platforms from day one. Simply create the learning environment that fits your digital workspace based on your organization’s needs — to keep real-time pace with real-time growth.

Investing time to gain time

For over-booked, over-worked managers, implementing training and learning can be a burden. With LMS365 Freemium, there’s an initial time investment in authoring courses and programs. But from there, learning becomes collaborative, engaging, and automated. How?

You can find subject matter experts (SMEs) in your team to create and curate content all within the familiar Microsoft environment. That relieves the workload from any one person and supports a broader, more inclusive perspective on learning.

Plus, LMS365 Freemium has the full benefits of our solution, so you get actionable insights to help ensure your employees grow, succeed, and even stay compliant. By analysing learners’ data, you can consistently improve the learner experience.

LMS365 grows with your business

As your business grows and your team continues to evolve, your learning and development goals will probably change. With LMS365 Freemium, we set out to make the full benefits of our platform truly accessible — free forever but ready to scale with your needs.

You can unleash your employees’ unique expertise, experience, and perspectives — all with a platform that inspires curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Each and every day.

For more information go to: LMS365 Freemium – Learning Management. Free. Full. Forever.

Product reliability and effective implementation earns LMS365 a spot on the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ as a Solid Performer in the Learning Systems category.

Read more about this unique assessment below,
and download the full report right here.

AARHUS, Denmark, February 17, 2022 – LMS365 announced today that it has been recognized as a first-time Solid Performer on the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. You can download the full report right here.

The Fosway 9-Grid is an independent vendor analysis provided by Fosway Group, the leading HR Industry Analyst in Europe. LMS365’s position as a Solid Performer demonstrates the solution’s sustained market performance and streamlined implementation, resulting in a satisfied and growing customer base spanning over 65 countries. The modern learning platform brings increased ease of adoption to businesses new to the learning and training space, as well as those working within the Microsoft 365 digital environment.  

“LMS365 is a welcome addition to the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems and a relevant consideration for organizations using Microsoft Office 365 who need something quick to implement, simple to use and with a low total cost of ownership. Customers benefit from the platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing MS tools.”

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group
Learning Systems

LMS365’s direct integration with the Microsoft 365 suite of tools significantly lowers the barriers to entry for new and developed companies, while improving the end user adoption of these tools. As the solution is Microsoft-approved, ISO 27001 certified for information security, and verified by security experts Veracode, LMS365 remains confident in its ability to protect and safeguard users’ learning experience. Additionally, the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ acknowledges LMS365’s accessible price point by indicating the lower Total Cost of Ownership of the learning platform.

For these reasons and more, LMS365 is grateful to be represented for the first time in the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ as a Solid Performer.

“We are proud to be acknowledged as a “Solid Performer” in the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid. As a new entrant in the report, we look forward to continuously proving our ability to execute on our vision. We remain focused on our goal to become the learning solution of choice for Microsoft Teams clients worldwide.”

Henrik Jeberg, Chief Strategy Officer at LMS365

About the Fosway 9-Grid™ 

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst. The Fosway 9-Grid™ provides a unique assessment of the principal learning and talent supply options available to organisations in EMEA. The analysis is based on extensive independent research and insights from Fosway’s Corporate Research Network of over 250 organisations, including BP, HSBC, PwC, Sanofi, Shell, and Vodafone.  

Visit the Fosway website for more information on Fosway Group’s research and services.  

LMS365 is partnering with ACP Digital Business Applications (an ACP Group company) that develops Social Intranet and Employee App solutions as well as sustainable concepts to optimize employee communications, employee experience and learning. Through this partnership, ACP will become a valued partner for LMS365, offering a seamlessly integrated learning experience in Microsoft 365 in the Austrian and German market.

“I’m very excited to welcome ACP as a strategic LMS365 partner in Austria and Germany. Multiple Austrian companies have successfully on-boarded our learning platform in the past 6 months and with ACP we are positioned to support the growth plans for the Austrian market. ACP has already secured the first win with existing enterprise customer, and more deployments are in the pipeline.“

Robert Nederby, Managing Director DACH at LMS365

ACP Group can now deliver LMS365, the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365, to support the training needs of its clients. For ACP Group, learning is an integral part of a successful employee experience. With this partnership ACP Group, not only provides a seamlessly integrated learning experience in Microsoft 365 but also connects communication and learning to improve their customers’ employee experience.

ACP Group can now deliver LMS365, the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365, to support the training needs of its clients. For ACP Group, learning is an integral part of a successful employee experience. With this partnership ACP Group, not only provides a seamlessly integrated learning experience in Microsoft 365 but also connects communication and learning to improve their customers’ employee experience.

Wolfgang Kleinhappl, Managing Director at ACP

About ACP

With more than 50 offices throughout Austria and Germany, ACP helps companies, public authorities and organizations to implement new ideas even more successfully and to design their products and processes in a future-oriented way. ACP strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of our customers with a 360° IT portfolio from a single source – with individual solutions, the latest digital services and fresh ideas.

The ISO 27001 certification is granted to organizations who meet the global standard for effective information security. After receiving a recommendation from the ISO/IEC accreditation body, the LMS365 product and company has now been declared ISO 27001 certified for its outstanding risk management and information security, demonstrated through its evolving protection of company, end-user, and partner data.

Protection and Connection Through Information Security

We are operating in a more hybrid and globalized workspace than ever before, and the need to stay connected and secure grows each day. Gartner CIO Agenda Survey found that up to 40% of those available to work from home will take that option, and many organizations now find themselves with partners, collaborators, and clients that span the globe. This shift in virtual and global collaboration requires a higher level of attention and care when it comes to information security.

@LMS365 is now #ISO27001 certified for its ongoing commitment to protecting company, end-user, and partner data!

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The LMS365 team is committed to evolving and growing our information security structures to best support our organizational operations, as well as the employees, clients, and users who trust us to safeguard their information.

LMS365 is pleased to have this commitment recognized with the ISO 27001 certification for outstanding information security. This certification shows our clients, partners, and employees that we are dedicated to the continuous security of their data—both within the LMS365 organization and our learning management platform.

Read more about ISO/IEC 27000 system standards

“For LMS365 customers, this certification is very important. It shows that we handle their applications, data, and information in a secure way and that we have been declared a trusted partner and organization when it comes to information security. For our employees, it shows that we can be trusted to develop, communicate, and operate internal operations through secure methods and practices. It all comes back to our core value of enabling trust within our organization and throughout our partnerships.”

Flemming Blåbjerg, Head of Digital Transformation & Compliance, LMS365

Trusted in Security and Compliance

LMS365 knows that without trust, we cannot support organizations or individuals effectively. That is why trust is one of the four strategic themes that leads LMS365 in our operations and helps keep us accountable to our employees, partners, and users of our product.

Having trust integrated into our organization at the strategic level is what  motivated LMS365 to continuously improve and advance the safeguarding our information security operations, ultimately earning us the ISO 27001 certification.

The Global Standard for Information Security

The ISO/IEC 27001 standards were originally published in 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Today, ISO 27001 certification continues to represent an international standard for developing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system or ISMS.

How Our Customers, Partners and Employees Benefit

Receiving the ISO 27001 certification from the ISO/IEC body highlights that our product and company meet the higher standards of information security necessary for modern organizations.

This is a positive, not just for our IT team, but for the whole of our organization and the people we work with daily.

“We’ve really dedicated our time to streamlining and securing the training process for our LMS365 employees, which became much easier as we improved our security management. We’ve seen faster adoption of new technologies from employees, more engagement with onboarding, and an increase in knowledge sharing among colleagues. I think it shows what can come from your employees feeling safe and protected.”

Flemming Blåbjerg

ISO 27001 | Another Layer of Trusted Security

The ISO 27001 certification is an addition to LMS365’s suite of security tools and credentials.

Our LMS365 app is also supported by Veracode Verified Continuous application security, which certifies that our systems operate securely and are free of data vulnerabilities.

Additionally, LMS365 is highlighted as a Microsoft Preferred Solution and was recently declared a Microsoft 365 Certified App after successfully meeting the highest level of security and compliance required by Microsoft.

“The ISO Certification builds another layer of security on top of all the LMS365 assets that plug in with the Microsoft 365 suite. Our Microsoft 365 verifications have shown our users that using LMS365 with Microsoft is extremely safe. And now with the ISO certification we can provide our employees and partners with the same sense of safety when it comes to all aspects of LMS365’s information security—whether it relates to the product, marketing, or customer success.”

Flemming Blåbjerg

LMS365 is thrilled to add the ISO 27001 certification to our growing list of security validations, further showing our commitment to effective information security management.

To read more about our ongoing dedication to compliance and secure data management, visit the LMS365 Trust Center for more resources.

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