Aarhus, Denmark, December 19, 2022 - Achieving two badges from G2 is a very significant achievement for our organization; the Leader badge represents our increased customer satisfaction and presence in the market, and positions LMS365 as a trailblazer in the increasingly competitive learning management space. Additionally, we have also received the High Performer badge in the Mid-market grid.

“This Leader badge validates our commitment to current and prospective clients in delivering a great product with excellent service behind it. Being a Leader in the LMS space solidifies that we are at the forefront of our market and can outrank the competition by staying true to our product promise of democratizing learning and empowering people around the world to #LearnLikeYou.”

— Amie Weizer, LMS365 Head of Customer Success, Americas

Our team leads with empathy and delivers an authentic experience at all levels of the organization.

Every day at LMS365, we embrace what it means to be a learning management provider by adapting to our customer’s needs and ensuring that our own teammates are continuously learning, too. We believe that our one-of-a-kind team is the reason that clients stay with the product, along with a close tie to the Microsoft ecosystem that allows us to be the only LMS built into Teams. Many customers choose LMS365 for the features, but undoubtedly stay for the five-star support they receive from our team.

Earning a G2 Leader badge has been a long-term goal for LMS365. Thanks to strategic training methods and a can-do mindset, we were able to become a Leader in the G2 rankings in just six months.

“We found success by leading G2 engagement on an individual customer basis. We built enough momentum to keep pushing for the goal and celebrating the positive reviews along the way. Our partnership with Girls Who Code also helped us to motivate the team by investing in a cause close to our values, for the end result of a win-win-win!”

— Amie Weizer

“LMS365 is a leader in a category of more than 470 vendors. The Leader badge is a testament to their customer satisfaction and amazing platform. It is something to be proud of and sets them apart from the vast majority of vendors in the space.”

— Matthieu Le Sayec, Relationship Manager, G2

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With the launch of Microsoft Viva Learning API, a wealth of new opportunities for learning and development has been introduced and with the appropriate Learning Management System (LMS), Viva Learning should be seen as a complement to an improved learning strategy. We are delighted to announce that our Chief Product Officer, Flemming Goldbach, has been invited to speak at this year’s Microsoft Inspire. For LMS365, this integration is one more step in our ongoing strategy to ensure that we leverage the full power of Microsoft 365 services and improve learning through LMS365.

Watch the recording here.

Aarhus, Denmark, July 12, 2022 – As LMS365 participates at Microsoft Inspire 2022, Flemming Goldbach will share more about how the Viva Learning API launch augments an existing LMS by creating one larger portal to transforms the learning experience. Naturally, this leads to a lot of questions regarding how a relationship between an LMS and Viva Learning means for the future of learning and development. Join Microsoft Inspire 2022 to dive into this interesting topic with us!

LMS365 access Viva Learning APIs

Microsoft presents Viva Learning as a tool for empowering learners to thrive through learning in the flow of work. As a Microsoft preferred solution, LMS365 was selected together with a customer, to be part of the private preview for Viva Learning APIs. This has allowed LMS365 and Microsoft to ensure that LMS365 could provide integration with Viva Learning at the moment Viva Learning APIs were launched. This additional feature can further support individuals within an organization to further empower and democratize learning in their flow of work.  In many ways, Viva Learning is a direct response to the “real-life” scenarios that we’ve all been put in over the past year in which there’s been rapid change and no one – not learning and development, not human resources, no one – has been able to come up with a structured training program that’s agile enough to respond to sudden work-from-home needs or other dynamic changes to the work environment. 

“The LMS is really where critical things like compliance and professional development happens. We do not, absolutely, mean to replace the LMS. We are not going to be in a position to have the same level of specificity that an LMS can offer. Microsoft Viva interacts and interoperates with the LMS to give people the ability to view and search their entire learning catalog right within Teams.” 

Alessandro Giacobbe 
Microsoft General Manager of Enterprise Corporate Learning

LMS365 and Viva learning – a seamless learning experience

As the first LMS to embrace Teams as a platform for learning, we are proud to be included in the first wave of integration with Viva Learning. With the great reshuffle and the rise of hybrid work, a need is quickly arising for structured and effective aspects e.g. digital onboarding. Thankfully, LMS365 is designed to deliver exactly this. With the help of Viva Learning, this solution can become more broadly available. This combination will be a great benefit for many organizations who wish to leverage learning strategically to compensate for e.g. the great reshuffle.  

Based on this, we are happy to share that the initial testing of the LMS365 and Viva Learning integration is now successfully completed. This means that, when the Viva Learning API becomes publicly available, you will be able to feature LMS365 courses and training plans in Viva Learning. LMS365 will be included in the list of available content providers for your Viva Learning application. When enabled, the LMS365 courses and training plans will be shown in cards, side by side with other learning content you choose to display in Viva Learning, branded for a seamless learning experience.  

ELEARNINGFORCE International (EFI), provider of the LMS365 learning management platform for Microsoft 365, announces a strategic expansion of its operations in the DACH region. During 2020, LMS365 has showed its commitment to the German market by deploying LMS365 on the regional Microsoft datacenters in Frankfurt, securing a continuous focus on the growing need for information security.

With the establishment of Elearningforce GmbH and the acquisition of the LMS365 business operations of Mauth.CC GmbH – a strategic LMS365 partner in Germany – the company continues the strong commitment to the rapidly developing market:

“With this acquisition in Germany we address the needs of the customer and partner base for support and training in their local language. We build on a track record of customer understanding and the investment is designed to further help customers and partners in the region to develop and deliver an outstanding learning experience for their workforce on the Microsoft 365 platform”,

Lars Vestergaard, CEO, LMS365

LMS365 continues their strong commitment to the rapidly developing DACH market with the establishment of Elearningforce GmbH and the acquisition of the #LMS365 business operations of Mauth .CC GmbH.

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Today, LMS365 has more than 150 corporate customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Being the only learning platform built directly into Microsoft 365 & Teams, the solution provides a modern approach to organizing the training and development needs of large and medium sized companies.

“Having worked with LMS365 since 2011, I am excited to join the LMS365 Team and look forward to leverage the knowledge accumulated to further grow and serve the LMS365 customer and partner base. There is a huge demand for ‘learning in the flow of work’ and digitization of learning processes in the market”,

Rainer Mauth, founder of Mauth.CC, Managing Director, Elearningforce GmbH

EFI is excited to welcome the entire team of experienced and dedicated colleagues and to combine our competencies across Europe.

“Having feet on the ground in Germany is crucial to provide German customers with even better service and support. Having a dedicated team in Germany is also a cornerstone for our ability to support the partner network and increase our reach across the DACH region”,

Robert Nederby, Director DACH, LMS365


ELEARNINGFORCE International has approx. 1000 enterprise and public sector customers for its flagship offering LMS365 with over 4 million users. 50+ trusted partners have implemented the solution in more than 50 countries, with customers in all sectors, and deployments ranging from a few hundred employees to 50,000+ employees. LMS365, a Microsoft Preferred Solution, is one of the fastest growing cloud-based Learning Management Solutions in the market today. LMS365 provides a modern, integrated, and familiar learning experience as learning is now made possible within Microsoft Teams, Mobile and SharePoint Online. LMS365 is fast to install, highly configurable, easy to use and fully integrated with the rest of your digital workplace, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams.

Partnership will enable anytime, anywhere learning for DistriSofts Customers

LMS365 is partnering with DistriSoft, a company specialized in the field of eLearning, the company announced today. Through this partnership, DistriSoft will become a valued partner for LMS365 offering expertise around online learning in the French market.  

“We are welcoming DistriSoft as a new LMS365 partner in France. Since DistriSoft has a long history in the learning segment we are looking forward to this new partnership with CEO Jean-Claude Michel and his team. This new partnership will undoubtedly strengthen our position in the French market and be a valuable element in LMS365 claiming its fair share of the LMS market in France.”

Mads Nikolaj Bessing, Senior Business Manager at LMS365. 

@lms365 and @DistriSoftGroup Partner to Strengthen Position in the French Market.

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DistriSoft can now deliver LMS365, the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365, to support the training needs of its clients. For DistriSoft, this integration into Microsoft Teams means that they can meet evolving requirements and enable employees’ learning in the flow of work. This means meeting learners’ where they are providing a flexible and engaging learning experience.  

Jean-Claude Michel, CEO at DistriSoft Group.

About DistriSoft  

Created 20 years ago in 2001, DistriSoft has since become one of the major players in the Digital Learning world in France. DistriSoft offers a wide range of applications and services covering most of the needs of companies and organizations in terms of digital training and skills development. Our purpose is to support the company’s efforts and will to create, preserve and develop its human resources, without forgetting to secure its investments. As a result, we meet the criteria of companies that expect advice, simplicity, and pragmatism to make learning effective and productive.  

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